Proper breathing is essential for good health

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In those days, I asked for help and another woman with eight-year-old daughter Tanya. The girl was very poor appetite, she was often prostojali, occasionally suffered from pneumonia, rhinitis she did not pass.
After a year of my patients had changed beyond recognition. Steel is better, calmer to sleep, grew up, got well.
"Well in that wonderful, " you say, doctors be cured!
No, illness, unfortunately, still not completely defeated, but two children learn... to breathe correctly!
Together with them in the therapeutic gymnastics room was engaged and the other children, who suffered for many years with bronchial asthma. After a few sessions of special exercises asthma attacks became less and proceeded easier. In children normal sleep, appetite has improved disappeared irritability.
Especially effective are special breathing exercises, which we have mentioned above, combined with the pronunciation at the time of the expiration of various sounds. What's the secret? When a child says something sound, he changed the tension of the vocal cords - they vibrate, it promotes more rapid emptying of bronchial mucus. Torso lengthen out and make them more uniform.
If the movements are consistent with phases of breath - inhale or exhale, they will eventually become the conditional stimuli that help develop a new respiratory reflex. Support exhalation sound helps to ensure that the child does not shut his mouth. Only at the very initial stages of a child's schooling Pets exhale through the mouth, further it is necessary to ensure that he was breathing only through the nose.
When lifted hand upwards and to the side as you remove them back inhale; at hand and on the way down and out. When the trunk is rectified or leans back - breath; forward and down - exhale. Putting his foot, taking it back or getting up, the child takes a breath. Lifting his leg forward or bending it to his stomach and squating - exhale. We strictly follow that exactly match the movement of children with breathing phases.
Older children can exercise more complex, for example, to walk, making 2 step inhalation and exhalation - in 4 steps, saying a "C-C-C-s" or "u-u-u-u", to squat on their toes, hands forward, with the sound of "x-x-x", do torso, saying "Oh," etc. In the complex are normally introduced the exercises imitating skiing, skating, swimming, rowing, and all this in combination with the correct breathing through the nose.
Remember that engaged gymnastics children shall only in well ventilated room at temperature 17-20 degrees. Clothes - shorts, shirt and Slippers.
First developed, and then strongly fixed skill nasal breathing is a pledge of health of children, effective method of prophylaxis of diseases of the respiratory tract.