Proper breathing is essential for good health

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All, without a doubt, I know that human life is possible on the condition of continuous inflow in blood oxygen and to remove carbon dioxide. It is proved that only when breathing nose gas exchange is relatively complete and easy as can be ventilated. Why? Passing through the nasal passages, air meets the increased resistance. To overcome it, breathing muscles have stronger strain, in the lungs, this creates a negative pressure and they suck big portions of air.
Breathing through the mouth is usually superficial. In the lungs is not updated all the air, a considerable part of it is retained in the complex ramifications of the breathing apparatus. Due to inadequate gas exchange in blood accumulates carbon dioxide, which not only benefits the body, but it is able to corrupt, and often really hurt.
A number of experiments revealed that children who constantly breathe by mouth, accounting for nearly 25 percent to 30 percent of the necessary oxygen, that is, day in and day are significantly decreased oxygen soldering. And that can lead to many serious consequences!
Not once, walking in the evening with his grandson on the Boulevard, I watched a group of children with a passion for playing all sorts of games. The boys were running around, chasing each other, jump over the rope.
And each time, I was stunned by one and the same picture: aside from playing guys, clinging to the tree, stood a boy, 10-11 years, and with interest watched the game, that smiling, when someone of the players came up with those of another, or with fright backing, if you ran too close to him. Strange he had always open mouth, sometimes the boy as if enough lips air, had chest in this highly rose. I never saw him involved in the game, though based on the expression of his face it was his ardent desire.
Then one day I saw him sitting on the bench with a man. I decided that I have a right, as a doctor, to ask about the strange behaviour of the boy.
Talking with his father, he learned that the boy grew up always painful, often had a cold; a year ago he underwent surgery is removed adenoids, in addition, over the last 4-5 years he was three times and pneumonia. My question is, is it always the son of his mouth breathing, father replied in the affirmative. In addition, he added that sleeps boy with his mouth open.
- But isn't it dangerous? Is it worth it to pay attention? the father asked.
Not only costs, but also vital, what you just saw.
But why some children pant?
The number of diseases of the external nose leads to difficulties of nasal breathing. Sometimes, the underdevelopment of the nose, traumatic injuries to his etc. sharp narrowing of the nasal openings. Often nasal breathing prevent crust at the entrance to the nose, formed after some diseases. Most often nasal breathing caused by acute rhinitis.
To prevent the onset of a cold, we first need to harden the body, improve its resistance. This requires daily gymnastics, sports, producing down your body cool water.
You should not wrap up the children, dress them accordingly necessary time of year and weather. Clothing should not be tight, and overly loose. Tight clothes squeezes chest, difficult breathing movements, impairs lung ventilation.