Proper nutrition for health

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Many visitors are interested in questions of nutrition, the works of scientists in this area. Placed in our regular column article dedicated to this topic.
Each of us gets used to his appearance and did not immediately notice the change in him. If the person starts to get fat, it is usually quite long remain unnoticed either they themselves or others. More than that. Paneldemo persons is often compliment: "You look perfect, you look younger!" Meanwhile, this "refreshed" the man has already developed an early stage of obesity. There was a time when the degree of solidity, social status was determined by ordinary people, depending on the size of the stomach. Unfortunately, in our time there is such an opinion. Many people probably heard the expression "he has recovered"as used in the sense of "he had grown fatter". But excess weight is not always an indication of good health.
All good and useful in moderation. It concerns and completeness. If together with weight gain in humans, changes in heart activity, metabolic disorders, are affected to some extent the liver, kidneys, lungs - it is a disease.
Abundant food consumption in developed countries is characterized diseases food redundancies, obesity. If to take into account the number of deaths among persons with normal weight at 100, the number of deaths among obese, according to U.S. insurance companies, will amount to 180 persons among 20-29 years, 189 - among those 40-49 years and 134 were among persons 50 years and older.
Cardiovascular diseases remain the main beach of the health of the population in highly developed economic countries. Scientists explain this, in particular, high-calorie diet combined with a sedentary lifestyle, which leads to the growth of excessive weight. Extra pounds of weight "put pressure" on the entire body. Including the heart. They make it more difficult to work. In the heart wears out faster. Not accidentally among obese people more patients with angina and hypertension.
One of the most common cardiovascular diseases - atherosclerosis. At the heart of it, as recently believed to experts, is a violation of cholesterol metabolism. And today there are still many supporters of this hypothesis. It was found that the higher the energy, the more frequently recorded change in the exchange. Research conducted by Soviet specialists helped to understand the reasons behind it. The thing is that both fats and cholesterol in the exchange processes are common precursors, which are formed from almost all nutrients. That's why eating in General (and not only the abuse of fatty foods) creates favorable conditions for infringements of a metabolism.
It is noticed also, that atherosclerosis increasingly common in those countries and among those populations that consume a relatively large amount of animal products. For example, in countries such as the USA, Finland, England, Sweden and others, whose population is relatively many uses of meat, animal fats and carbohydrates, the incidence of atherosclerosis in 2-3 times above, than, say, Japan and Italy, where the population uses mostly plant foods (rice, vegetables). This is because animal products contain large amounts of so-called saturated acids, which are much worse absorbed by the body and form inactive compounds cholesterol. Thus, these products can contribute to premature atherosclerosis. And Vice versa. Fatty acids found in vegetable oils, easily absorbed by the body and significantly inhibit the progression of atherosclerosis.