Despite all the currently available Arsenal of means of treatment, clinicians would prefer current disease of the past. A wonder in our time has become smallpox, in many countries, gradually disappear diphtheria, ceased to be a nightmare polio. To this list we can add rhesus factor, phenylketonuria, galactosemia, and congenital hypothyroidism. Learning to recognize defeat and eliminate some diseases, we focus on the still remaining. We are talking about pathological conditions, manifested symptoms of disorders of the respiratory and gastrointestinal systems simultaneously. Such children often a constant runny nose, there are recurring pneumonia, seizures, diarrhea and vomiting without marked pathological changes in the lungs and gastrointestinal tract. They often poorly developed without any apparent reason. Thus it happens that children are surprisingly well at the very moment, when the doctors lose any hope determine the etiology of their disease. This type of pathology is allergic to cow's milk. In some cases the disease is diagnosed and skillfully cure. In other, more confusing symptoms, are forced to admit children, and the problem of diagnostics and treatment is very difficult. The authors have rendered a great service to the doctors, combining in a single volume data on clinical symptoms, epidemiology, pathology, immunology, treatment and prognosis if you are allergic to milk. Allergy to milk is extremely varied and is not fully understood; similar reactions may be caused by other food products. Therefore, the detailed description of available data, it is important for the development of rational approaches to the understanding and treatment of this disease.
Dr. Bahna and Heiner point to the crucial importance of breastfeeding for mother and child, emphasizing how significantly it for the prevention of Allergy to cow's milk. If their recommendations will follow as carefully as you would like authors who are allergic to cow's milk, like many other diseases, will cease to exist.
Dr. John Gerard, member of the Royal Canadian College of pediatricians, Professor at the Saskatchewan University.