In the age of scientific and technical progress, the problem of prevention of diseases and prevent their progression gets a huge biomedical and sociological value. Particularly important is the development of measures of prevention and rational use of them at this stage of development of our society. Save labour resources and increase labor productivity will allow grandiose tasks of social and economic development of our country, resulting from the decisions of the XXVI Congress of the CPSU.
However, to realize these objectives, each person needs to understand the essence of modern diseases and efficiently carry out the recommendations of physicians for health promotion and disease prevention. In addition, we must bear in mind that drugs, although they are of great importance in reducing diseases, especially in case of unexpected acute forms of chronic prone to relapses of the disease is not always and not all patients are highly effective.
As shown by scientific research in recent decades, with a long lasting functional, inflammatory and dystrophic diseases of high therapeutic effect of natural and transformed the physical factors. These include mineral water, therapeutic mud, climatotherapy procedures, the main force actions are aimed at the regulation and restoration of disturbed functions of these diseases.
To clarify the meaning of a therapeutic-prophylactic influence of these factors it is necessary to briefly get acquainted with the basic reasons (etiology) and mechanisms of occurrence and development (pathogenesis) the most common diseases. This will allow you to understand about the mechanism of preventive and therapeutic action of natural factors on human health.
To understand the main areas of this important problem, the book presents brief information about the relation between man and nature, are disclosed functional connections between the systems management body and its functioning as well as the theoretical-methodological bases of the essence of therapeutic action of natural factors on the person. This assessment of morphological and functional connections of separate organs and systems and to a certain extent is a schematic nature, but it gives the opportunity to understand the complexity of medical-biological essence of the human body.
In section provides information on the functional activity of the control systems of the organism and life support systems. The first includes the Central nervous system and adaptive (adaptive) system, the second - cardiovascular, bronchopulmonary, musculoskeletal, digestive and excretory systems. These systems are closely interconnected and perform the complex processes that underlie the functioning of the human body.
An understanding of these complex processes, the reader will be able to understand and, most importantly, help to rationally use natural factors in treatment-and-prophylactic purposes.
The author presents irrefutable evidence that mineral water, mud and climatic or physical-therapeutic procedures are able to restore the damaged functions in various diseases. These systems are primarily damaged and need appropriate rest and treatment. They thus make up for the functional reserve, necessary for the activity of adaptive systems, which due to illness Deplete their functional glow.
Under the morphological changes, which occur in many diseases, with adaptive systems are only functionally. When developing the disease of the thyroid gland, it leads to the development of Hyper - or hypothyroidism, of the adrenal glands is to edisonova disease, the pancreas - to diabetes and other
These facts indicate how complex functional relationship exists between the systems management body and provide the necessary energy and plastic materials. The knowledge of these relationships requires disclosure of the nature of treatment-and-prophylactic action of natural factors on the organism.
The section also attempts to show the value of natural factors in the rehabilitation of patients after various diseases and operations.
Thus, for the first time in a popular form in this book lit a very complicated issues of using natural factors for different diseases, revealed the meaning of the treatment-and-prophylactic their actions. This will help to rationally use natural factors patient when some drug therapies are not effective enough. It is also shown that the combination of these techniques with natural factors increases the success of treatment-and-prophylactic help in those cases when some natural factors cannot ensure a high therapeutic effect.
The Commonwealth of doctors and patients will allow to solve important tasks-strengthening health of the population of our country.