The presentation and the loss legs at the head previa

This complication is very rare (gg to Genaro, 0,025% of births) and is caused by unusually strong bending the trunk of a fetus and a full extension of the lower extremity at the head, movable or slightly pressed to the entrance of the pelvis.
A presentation or prolapse legs at the head previa is usually observed in case of premature or materialnyh fruits (very rarely - at term), when you change the tone of the uterus and its forms in the lower segment (tensile and flabbiness of his or failure of muscular structure).
When premature or materialna the fetus finding leg near the head devoid of practical value.
The presence of this complication in full-term fetus is a serious threat, because it creates a barrier to self-delivery and a threat to the life of the fetus.
When potoshopshi waters (previa legs near the head) elimination of this complication is achieved by changing the body position of the woman (placed on the side where the back of the fetus), resulting in the extension of the back of the fetus, and predlagaemaya leg goes up to the bottom of the uterus.
In the recent case of ruptured membranes at mobile head is shown or napravlenie legs behind the head, followed by the introduction of metratester, or turning fruit on foot (with enough water). If the head is firmly fixed at the entrance to the pelvis, when living fetus and the conditions (water away in the maternity institution, body temperature normal) when there is no possibility of delivery through the natural path used caesarean section, and if the dead fetus - perforation head with subsequent kranichsee.