To prevent illness

The previous chapters show how severe the disease is alcoholism. The disease takes chronic, treatment is long, time-consuming and sometimes not effective enough.
In this regard, prevention is the main strategic direction of the struggle with alcoholism. You can, however, predict a low effectiveness of preventive measures, narrowly focused on alcoholism. The victory over alcoholism eventually possible only on the basis of overcoming the use of alcohol in the broadest sense. This is the objective adopted by the party and government decisions, the implementation of which is already yielding significant effect, As noted in the resolution of the CPSU Central Committee (1987), accepted moral climate, stronger families, a 20% reduced mortality by reducing the number of injuries received in a state of intoxication. In 1986 27.5% decrease in the crime, 1/3 less taken to a police Department and the sobering-up station.
According to the criteria developed by the world health organization, is allocated to primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. Primary prevention includes the most wide range of mainly social activities and implies first of all the preservation and strengthening of health. But first, for spiritual health.