Get over yourself

Calls, calls, calls... Exercise exercise! This will save you a youth, health, good mood. Run! This will help you to protect yourself from a heart attack. Constantly train your muscles, your body! Sakalytes and you will not suffer from colds!
Today, everyone has repeatedly hears, reads these requirements century, have learnt to understand their need. But how to get involved in this for many new rhythm of life, how to overcome the constant desire to relax, lie down, to sleep an extra hour or so? All, without exception, given the ability to force myself to obey the necessary motor mode? Equally if difficult it is for everyone, or different people perceive and follow these persistent calls differently? May be, there are those who either do not afford the systematic motor mode, or whose interests are far from striving to life vigorous,healthy? Actual slogans of the day they consider unnecessary hype, make fun of those who work on yourself? What is the outcome of a similar sentiment? What causes discord in the family, lack of desire to support, to understand the interests of a loved one?
To answer these questions, it is necessary once again to turn to the life of our contemporaries, who was in contact with the demands of time,and whether I was able to understand and to learn a lot, convince others of the benefits of physical activity, whether chose a different path...
Anastasia had to give a speech before the people, and she, as usual, was preparing very carefully. The day before she saw Olga, who lost a lot of weight, was almost the same as in former times, thanks to the perseverance and hard work on oneself. Only her eyes still lurked quiet enduring the pain, but Olga was beautiful: some magnificent with their pain, strong, courageous, to bear it, perhaps the rest of your life.
They talked a long time this evening when darkened the light of the table lamp, as everything in the house already rested. Olga shared their plans for the future. She was going to leave in Karelia permanently, almost was sure that physical culture and constant direct contact with loved nature of the North will help her to come back to life, perhaps new, "wise and all knowing," as she, smiling sadly, said.
Before leaving, Olga jerky movement took out of the bag a small notebook and handed it to Her.
- I have some records of personal experiences, but is very closely related to introduction to athletic training. Can use something in his lectures. Let people learn how to build your life while you are young, then to not be annoyed and hurt, so you do not repent of their mistakes, " she said quietly, with a touch of either guilt, whether immense sadness in his voice.
...It was already past midnight, when Anastasia finished reading the pages of friends. How it happened that alenika, good, beautiful Olenka had so much to suffer, to lose his great love, to suffer the humiliation, insults? How could it happen? If Anastasia heard it from someone's mouth, she never would have believed not. She always admired Olga, who had a beautiful sympathetic soul. And now she admired the fact that Olga was able to do almost young, elegant my body. Yes, the main thing is not to grow old soul! To be able to get rid of indifference, sometimes laziness and idleness.
Anastasia became clear desire Olga to share our achievements, though she herself they came very late... well, probably there is a sense in this bitter experience to teach people not such an easy skill, we can say, the art to overcome himself, and even the arts to build their lives, to fight for its values.
The old clock in the next room four struck. "Soon the dawn will come," thought Anastasia, but it still turned scrawled small smooth handwriting pages...