Intermittent tubal pregnancy

Under interrupted tubal pregnancy understand such that although there has been a violation growth ectopic pregnancy, however NAP continue to maintain its destructive effect (the so-called "living NAP"), while at the broken (interrupted) ectopic pregnancy NAP usually terminate (I. F. Kozlov). Confirmation of this can be found in the results of biological reactions and the features of the clinical picture.
Intermittent tubal pregnancy, when there are common signs of pregnancy, characterized, in addition, cramping, spasmodic pain in the abdomen, radiating sometimes under shoulder or shoulder of the party concerned. Pain caused by irritation of the abdominal cover streamed blood. Simultaneously with pains in most cases observed bleeding from the uterus with admixture particles falling membrane in the form of films veins and tissue. Released the blood is usually dark (looks like coffee grounds), or chocolate brown, tar-like consistency (L. L. of Okincic). In some cases, allocation are of the nature of light; sometimes they are absent. The body temperature is often normal or low-grade. The paleness of the skin of the body, face and character of the pulse depend on the degree of blood loss. When vaginal examination is usually determined by unilateral tumor, testovaty to the touch, with indistinct contours at the side of the uterus Or in the back dopasowa space. Using percussion or puncture in the abdominal cavity is determined by the presence of free liquid streamed blood. As blood clotting apparently abdominal tumor becomes soft in more dense. In blood coagulation, accumulated in the back of the uterus, there is so-called Samotechnaya blood tumor - Haematocele retrouterina, which is sometimes mistaken for exudative pelvioperitonit.
To rely on spontaneous resolution samotechny tumor useless, since this prevents tight capsule formed from a dense network of fibrin. When interrupted ectopic pregnancy - surgical treatment (which will be discussed later).