The prestige of the nephron

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The dog was perejimati, but not completely, the main artery of the single kidney, and the other kidney was removed.
And received a "full-fledged" persistent arterial hypertension with changes in blood vessels, heart. Moreover, such a poorly functioning kidney was transplanted to the neck of a healthy animal. It worked fine both their own kidneys, and still had developed hypertension. Remove weakened kidneys led to the normalization of blood pressure. Today is already installed, what parts of the kidney and under what circumstances produce renin. The signal for the appearance of the renin is not only an obstacle on the path of blood through the renal artery, but the delay in the body of sodium. One of the consequences of such a "salinity" - inflammation of the renal arteries and arterioles, the narrowing of the clearance.
Decrypted mechanics, rather biochemistry, action of renin. The first stage - meeting in the blood with one of protein fractions, which supplies the liver, and the formation of angiotensin I. However, he, like the renin itself,even empty vessels. That's when separated from him 2 of 10 amino acids, the birth of the new angiotensin - angiotensin II, which is circulating in the blood, makes shrink arteries and arterioles.
But the experimenters observed persistent hypertension and after removal of both kidneys, when the life of experimental animals were maintained artificial cleansing blood. Renin not have done it, why had increased blood pressure? It turned out that the kidneys produce not only vasoconstrictor renin, but the substance of the opposite action. Who of these two twins-antagonists can take the upper hand, depend on it in many respects the figures of blood pressure. When the kidneys eliminate from circulation, at full power, no resistance, manifest themselves vasoconstrictor hormones produced in the adrenal glands and other glands of internal secretion.
Evidence of the role of the kidney in the regulation of blood pressure, however, proof to the contrary, is the sad fact that with the defeat of tissue and blood vessels of the kidney very often develops hypertension. It is estimated: 7% - on the conscience of the vessels of the kidney. Among patients with unilateral chronic pyelonephritis - in 25-50% sometimes and hypertension. And a healthy kidney, and this opinion is shared by more specialists, inherent function protivodeistviya high blood pressure.
Not surprisingly, that urologists proposed in the last decade methods of getting rid of not giving in to any drugs nephrogenic hypertension. If the kidney has the vessels of the body renin in revenge for something that is not provided its normal circulation, looking for clever ways to reconstruct renal vessels, to get the blood convenient route to the nephrons. If the reason in themselves, not in vessels, it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice the kidney, remove it to prevent a catastrophe in the vessels of the brain, heart, to restore human health.
Inherent in the kidney and blood-forming function. Proof of this is also accumulated by contradiction. Clinical observations, advanced inflammation of the kidneys entails anemia. When they really stop to cope, rents and bone marrow that without the help of the kidneys are unable to replenish the number of red blood cells (erythrocytes). Instead of the normal carriers of hemoglobin, he supplies immature, poor. Until found eritropoeticescoe factor (erythros - Greek - red, poiesis - creation) - lever, including all the power of the bone marrow in the development of red blood cells. However, the very fact of its existence is not in doubt, and all traces lead to kidney here, obviously, the place of his birth.
On circumstantial evidence also establishes the participation of the kidneys in the processes of coagulation and protivosvertawate blood.
In the depths of their tissue found enzymes, whose specialty is to speed up biochemical conversion of proteins, fats, carbohydrates. Another service "undesirable" authority throughout the body - disposal of toxic substances. Usually for this purpose hippuric acid produces mainly the liver. But if it fails, it antitoxic function undertake kidney, though, let us be fair, not in full.