The prestige of the nephron

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Very quickly, thwarting the slightest leak, the canaliculus sends blood all got in it glucose. In the cells lining the inner surface mounted complexes, which impose glucose relationship with phosphate. This short-lived hybrid freely penetrates the wall of the tubule. Closer to the outer surface glucose is released from phosphate compounds and floats freely in the blood. This transceiver site is strictly normirovanie. If the content of glucose in the plasma exceeds the level, the nephron will not be able to catch the surplus, they will stand out with urine. This, incidentally, is used for the diagnosis of diabetes.
At the initial stages of the path to tubule liquid gives vitamins and owned by the organism proteins, and dismembered on amino acids. Strangers same proteins tubule recognizes and drives out of the body.
Having dealt with the largest operations, the canaliculus rotates 180 degrees and goes back to the ball. It is a noose, Henle. Early in the century was noticed a pattern: the animal's long loop of Henle, the concentration of visits his urine. In the fifties of this zigzag engaged in close and opened its purpose, principle of action.
Descending and ascending knee Genle hinges are in the connective tissue near it, but in the opposite direction and make bilateral exchange through a broker - environmental interstitial fluid. The downward elbow is permeable to water and sodium, upward - only for sodium, with cells not only miss him, but actively fish out of tubular flow. Occurs rivalry between his knees and washed them with liquid. Where more osmotic pressure? Where water will rush?
The cells of the rising knee, endowed with the ability to suck sodium, Bravo undertake to pump it out and, trampling osmotic equality, increase the pressure around the tubule. Water from the knee to restore justice cannot: it does not let the wall. But then, in the zone of high pressure, passes downward the knee. Its wall of water is not an obstacle, and the water, of course, seeks to balance the osmotic pressure, exit tubules out, and what you want to save it in the body.
Osmotic thirst equality moves and sodium. But in contrast to the water, his rule is to go where the pressure is lower. In our situation from the surrounding fluid in the downward knee Genle hinges.
The efforts of water and sodium balance between the environment and the downward elbow is installed. However, this prosperity is the flip side: in ascending knee as a result of compulsory pumping less sodium, and around his surplus. But wall-canaliculi holds for him the gate open. And very quickly in a short length to the mouth of the tubule missing sodium returns to normal. As a result, the stake of the centrality of the fluid increases in 7 times. So the loop Genle serving its purpose is to turn the diluted solution in a concentrated, remove the water.
In case the loop Genle not cope when, for example, increased the speed of the current in the canaliculus, kidneys provides a fallback mechanism of absorption of water. It is situated at the exit of the nephron. Work impulse sets it that high osmotic pressure behind the walls of a tubule, which creates ascending loop of Henle. No wonder it winds through the kidney and its zigzag makes near the confluence of the tubule with collective tubes carrying urine from the nephron in renal calyx.