The prestige of the nephron

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Strange measure of values of prestige. Not a fashion, not the utility, not the value or significance, not respect, and, perhaps, not the sum of these phenomena and qualities. Something hard to identify and very nevertheless certain, because the scale of prestige on every piece of life clearly imprinted in our consciousness. Prestigious profession are, resorts, performances, clothes, books, even bookshelves. In tacit competition for prestige was involved literally everything. Where it is further - it was this medicine. Cardiology is a prestigious branch of medicine? Everybody would say: Yes. Ophthalmology? - Yes. Gastroenterology? - Perhaps, also Yes. And here's urology, Nephrology? Their object of study - buds. Most likely, no. Undesirable all the same region. You should at least take compare the number on a newspaper strip, on journal page meets essays, correspondence about a tireless engine - the heart, the Apple of our eye, and how many - on the kidneys, on the functions of nephrons. Is this fair?
Work kidney tetanicescie. Each weighs no more than 200 grams, and they handle the day before thousands of liters of blood. A minute passes through them the amount of blood is what comes in the legs. By the intensity of circulation (if you compare per unit weight) kidney twenty times superior to most other organs, skipping a quarter of the volume of blood pumped by the left ventricle into the aorta (and this is our main highway).
The body of mismanagement not begrudge. And, of course, the river of life, generously washing kidneys, does it not aimlessly. Why blood repeatedly passed through them? Every 5-10 minutes here and visit with all her weight. The most simple and, alas, superficial answer is for purification. Yes, kidney - purgatory for blood. They remove neoslavery products of metabolism and above all the exchange of protein - the so-called nitrogenous waste products. How organisms also require proteins, as dangerous nitrogenous waste products. If the nitrogen content in 100 milliliters of blood rise to normal 20-40 mg to 100, then the person is sick, and hard. The kidneys are able to "take" much more (in percentage terms) of urea, uric acid, creatinine, these terms of residual nitrogen than is contained in the blood. Respectively 60, 12 and 75 times. That's what their efficiency! It is the ability to replace the kidneys, the responsible post of blood purifier from residual nitrogen is the first achievement of the artificial kidney.
Foreign compounds, some medicines, paints, for example, our kidneys remove from the blood immediately. This performance is used for diagnostic purposes. Enter, for example, intravenous harmless paint. In just 15 minutes, 30 percent of her kidneys to excrete. Unless, of course, are functioning normally. The delay also allows to judge about the degree of trouble.
X-ray kidney young people do in 3-5 minutes after veins began to enter a radiopaque substance. If delay, all these 20 ounces kidney will have time to filter, skip through, and x-rays overtaken them only in the ureter or bladder. Older when kidney function somewhat reduced, x-rays usually begins in 12-15 minutes.
Without renal excretory function, the body can not exist without it - intoxication. But this function is not the only one. Already medieval counterparts of Hippocrates knew about the multifaceted activities of the kidneys, not exhaustive removing fluid with some unwanted connections. Glass vessel for research of this very fluid, lined eleven contours, was portrayed as a symbol of medicine. So paid tribute to the information about the state of the organism, which supplied the kidneys.
In 1696 in Paris published the book "the Mirror of urine through which you can determine the temperament, mood, location, and cause of diseases, the book is useful for everyone, even for doctors". Florid and the simple name also indicates that the kidneys, and their "products" were placed at the center of the relationships which exist inside the body. And was not mistaken. The accumulation of observations, data mapping, registered modern sharp, flawless technique, it became clear that the role of the kidneys is not only unnecessary to allocate as to ensure the body homeostasis - the constancy of the internal environment, first of all the blood. And this task is more difficult.