Physical therapy for diseases of musculoskeletal system

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In the Junior school age, when the child begins to confidently walk, run, jump, it is useful to him outdoor games, give the game tasks, including mainly exercises General developmental character and strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and back.
In the preschool age (4-6 years) can gradually move to special exercises that contribute to the formation of a bearing. Simulation (mimetic) movement, for example "stretch spring", "skier", "Bunny" and so on, have to make with the children of the house several times a day. Exercises should be given as separate, interesting for the child tasks. For example, to perform a "stretching", the children are asked to show what they will become great; for they leaned to the side, to portray as swaying trees; for arching of the back - bend it like a cat.
Do children have a soft Shoe, easy, free suit, without tight rubber bands. For exercise lying necessary clean litter. Have a well ventilate the room before classes.
Exercise is best done in the morning, when the children are not tired, before meals and not earlier than in 1-1.5 hours after him. Not to do too much too quickly movements, enough 4-6 exercises, repeating them in an average of 3-4 5-6 times and often changing the starting position. Do not try to artificially regulate breathing a little child. You must see that he was breathing through the nose, did not detain breath. Full breath is achieved with a loud pronunciation of various sounds, such as "uh" "Ah!" "Oh!" - when bending forward, as in exercise "tin man". We should always pay attention to the fact that the student is not lowered low head, not hunched and did exercises vigorously enough, but not to require the child gymnastic-definition - purity movement.
You must exercise to diversify, using balls, flags, sticks, hoops, sacks with sand and other items. After the most difficult moves well for a few minutes to give the child to relax sitting on a high chair. The total duration of the exercise should not exceed 20-30 minutes.
Very valuable for the guys are exercises in these natural movements like walking and Jogging. They also have to try to hold in the form of a game, for example to offer a child to walk on their toes, shaking hands raised in hand, imitating the flight of birds, walk on the outer edges stop, how clumsy bear, etc.
Exercises and games for the prevention and treatment of disturbances of posture in children of preschool age, you will find the following list of specialized literature in the end of the book.
Very often, parents, instead of to work with children with physical exercises that will strengthen them and creates a natural "muscular", simply require preschooler tense, aligned posture, considering it a good posture. Meanwhile, excessive muscle tension makes unnatural posture and quickly tiring of the child. Yes this method, and you cannot correct your posture!
At school age usually is the final formation of a bearing. Therefore, especially at this time, parents should pay great attention to the prevention of violations her and upon detection of any deviations to go to the doctor, and on his orders, to include in classes hygienic gymnastics special corrective exercises.
Correct posture is produced in children only as a result of a comprehensive physical development. Bearing defects before they become pathological (painful) form can be solved only by means of physical exercises.