Physical therapy for diseases of musculoskeletal system

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To prevent and remedy violations of posture in the morning exercises at home it is necessary to include 5-6 exercises for the muscles of the shoulder girdle, back and abdomen, contributing to the formation of strong "muscular"holding the body in the correct upright. In addition, 2-3 such exercises should be repeated at intervals during the prep house - "fizkultparad".
Types of curvature of the spine so individual and so closely linked with the overall development and the level of physical preparedness of each child separately, to give any specific recipes to apply corrective exercises is not possible. The most effective in case of scoliosis (right-handed), kyphosis and lordosis:
exercises with right-hand scoliosis
Exercises with right-hand scoliosis (Fig. 4): lifting left hand up diverting another ago; "pump" the right; springing bend to the right; the bowing of the back lying down, left hand up, sagging back on all fours, his left arm up, bend to the right, sitting on the angled seat.
exercises for stoop
Exercises for stoop (kyphosis): (Fig. 5): the bowing of the back; pulling clasped hands ago; abstraction of a stick behind the shoulder blades; subsidence sitting back, sipping; the bowing of the back with an emphasis on the elbows, "slipping".
exercises for lordosis
Exercises for lordosis (excessive curvature of the spine forward in the lumbar spine) (Fig. 6): the inclination to pull the chest to thigh : "ball"; pulling hips to the stomach; the procurement of socks sitting; leg curl lying; "corner".
exercises to beautiful posture
To generate beautiful posture particularly good exercise in balance - balancing (carrying the ball or bag of sand on the head) (Fig. 7); walking is simple; walk sideways; walk on their toes; walk with lifting the legs; walk attacks; walk the line; kneeling; the balance on the ball, walking on the balls (the last two exercises you can do in the form of rising on the bench).
But for good posture is not enough to have only a powerful "muscular". It is necessary to develop all the muscles so that they are strengthened uniformly with respect to the spine. This help sports.
What sports contribute the most to the harmonious development, form a slim figure and beautiful posture?
First of all it is swimming, which is developing all the muscles of the body, promotes the development of soft, beautiful movements. Very useful rowing, especially in academia. It develops chest and strengthens the muscles of the back, stomach and shoulder girdle, holding the body in the correct upright.
Big benefits skating, especially figured, it evenly strengthens the muscles of the trunk and legs. Perhaps, it is difficult to name another sport, who taught would be so nice and relaxed keep your body. Develops and strengthens the whole musculoskeletal system skiing. The descent from the mountains is particularly well-coached balance, has the ability to control your body and give it the correct position in constantly changing conditions.
Well forms the right and good posture gymnastics, in practice it man becomes thin and flexible.