Physical therapy for diseases of musculoskeletal system

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About with what age to start sports and what better view, we have already told.
Speaking about the violations of posture, one cannot but touch upon one of the disease, very common among children of different age - flat feet. It may cause deformation of the spine. This is because sometimes the flattening of the one stop anymore, then there is a violation of support of the entire body. The child has to balance the body involuntarily slightly tilted towards the feet, where more pronounced flattening of the foot. This gradually leads to the curvature of the spine.
Much easier to carry out a number of measures that will prevent the emergence and development of this disease than to treat it. This will help you knowledge of massage and gymnastics.
Listen to the complaints of your children on "pain in the legs. Tired legs - one of the signs of flatfoot.
Identify flat feet on the foot print on paper. The plantar surface of the foot moisten dye (blue, diluted ink) and put the child down on a sheet of white paper. In case of flatfoot imprint stop has no internal notch at the base. About the presence of flatfoot is evidenced by the depreciation of the inside sole and heel shoes.
Flat feet may be congenital, sometimes it appears due to polio, less often develops after injuries of bones of the feet. Most often flatfoot arises from the static overload of the lower limbs, for example in obese children. Negative conditions for the functional state of the arches are created when an excessively prolonged standing or long walk of the child on the asphalt in shoes with soft soles. The habit of walking widely positioned legs and spreading socks stop leads to undue stress on the inner edge of the foot and predisposes to the development of flat feet. Therefore, you should teach children walking to put his feet not widely, to ensure that the feet are parallel to each other. The weight of the body when standing must be equally distributed on both feet.
It is clear that the emergence of flatfoot depends on the condition of muscles of the legs, which supports the arch of the feet. In children, paying little attention to physical culture and sports, as well as a weakened any illness, excessive load on the lower limbs (long walking, standing) easily causes the flat. This disease can arise from frivolous aspirations of parents early, up to 1 year, to raise and educate the walk not strong physically kids.
The primary form of flatfoot is difficult to recognize, and she imperceptibly into more pronounced, which is characterized by the fact that at the moment load on the legs longitudinal notch of the foot becomes less deep.
Given that flatfoot occurs at an early age, it is necessary as early as possible to take measures to strengthen the muscles of the feet and lower legs are still infants.
It is useful at night before bedtime to do baby cool footbath, since 36-35 degrees and bringing to a 30 - 28 degrees, and then massage of the feet and lower legs.
techniques foot massage for children of early age
We recommend the following techniques foot massage for children of early age (Fig. 8): stroking the inner surface of the foot, rubbing the soles, Pat soles, stroking the inner surface of the thigh, rubbing the inner surface of the legs of his hand, rubbing the back surface of tibia the ends of fingers, kneading lower leg with one hand, two hands.