Physical therapy for diseases of musculoskeletal system

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To prevent the occurrence of flatfoot will help tools, aimed at improving the physical development of the child and strengthening the muscular system. If you suspect your child flat feet in the complex morning exercises should include special exercises aimed at preferential strengthening the leg muscles and feet. For young children suggest the following exercise (Fig. 9): bend toes (reflex), bending the fingers stop using, sliding feet on the table, circular motion of the feet, crawling reflex (using adult), squat, stepping, patentovedenie.
exercises for children of early age
In children older strengthening the muscles of the feet and legs is achieved, for example, a bend toes, povertyline stop inside, as well as consideration of socks one leg with the other. These exercises help to approach the forefoot (fingers) to the rear (heel) and deepening the arch of the foot, making it difficult for him to fall. Strengthen the ligaments that support the foot bones, prevents the development of flatfoot.
Exercise in walking relying on the outer edge of the foot is deepening the arch of the foot and at the same time prevent the deviation of the heel bone outwards.
Here is a series of exercises that are recommended for the prevention and treatment of flatfoot of children of preschool and school age (Fig. 10): walk on their toes, walk on the outer edge of the feet, walking on a stick, "squat" on the ball jumps on their toes, foot traffic with resistance provided to adults, picking up small objects and riding wrap your toes.

Prevention of flatfoot is recommended to walk barefoot on the sand, mowed the grass, run socks on and so on
To engage children gymnastics is possible only in well-ventilated room, clean, clean with a damp cloth. The costume should consist of panties and soft Slippers. For crawling should do (sew) knee pads and handhelds, and exercise in balancing (balance) to make soft ring- "donut". For exercises in lying position you must have a special Mat that is used only for gymnastics.
One of the most frequent defects of the organs of the movement is congenital dislocation of the hip.
We will not dwell on the reasons of this disease, it is most often associated with changes in the cartilaginous tissue, slowing stiffness in the hip joint, the extension and thickening of the joint capsule, and with a variety of changes in the muscles and ligaments of the knee joint.
Treatment of congenital defects of development of the hip joint in newborns and infants is conducted by means of placing children in special bus and devices, and legs should be apart. This treatment is associated with long-term stay of a child in one position (4-6 months), worsens the conditions of tissue blood circulation, due to the fact that movements in the hip and knee joints are severely limited. The child is always at home.
To prevent the development of deep changes in the tissues due to a violation of their power, you need 1 to 2 times a day to shoot the tires, make baby massage and conduct exercises of lower limbs, mainly in the hip joints, first passive, with the help of an adult, and then and active.

Exercises in congenital hip dislocation for children of early age (Fig. 11): lead foot in hand, the circular motion of the feet, lead bent legs apart, the lowering of direct feet from side to side, lifting the feet and lower their divorced, alternating bending legs (if divorced their position in the hip joint).
Children over the age of years of the operation: bloodless, under anesthesia, spravlyaetsya dislocation and then installing the feet for 7-9 months in a cast in a position to lead them in the hip joints of 80-90 degrees. This method of treatment is related to the fact that young children become active, moving and keep them for a long time in an untenable situation on the bus is not possible.
For these months is borisvata glenoid and the head of the femur is starting to stay put in her place. But of course, that inaction is accompanied by atrophy of the muscles and a sharp decline in their tone. After the commit, when the correct anatomic correlations in the joint achieved, the main method of treatment is gymnastics, massages and baths.