Physical therapy for diseases of musculoskeletal system

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Have you ever taken any attention to how hold: the stand, walk or sit your children? Watch for them, and you will see that some head up straight, shoulders and chest deployed, belly tucked up, they go easily and freely, making a good impression. Others resemble the "question marks", walk bent over, as the elderly : the shoulders and heads are omitted, legs bent, belly hanging down, walking they get socks land.
Poor posture, spinal curvature in the form of the side of his deviations (scoliosis), excessive deflection ago (kyphosis) and forward, in the lumbar spine (lordosis), unfortunately, very common. These defects are often observed already at pupils of the first class. So, what causes malformations of the spine need to investigate and fix before school age.
Posture is produced in the process of growth and development of the child. It largely depends on the position of the spine and development of the muscles that hold it in the correct position.
In the womb of the fetal spine is a uniform arc, the top backwards. Immediately after birth, when at its first breaths lungs begin to fill with air, spine straightened almost to a straight line. From this moment begins the formation of posture, continued during the whole process of child development.
When the kid starts to turn and put on his tummy, he moves his head to the side, and then raises his head and holds it up. While developing the neck muscles. In the cervical parts of the spine is formed bending forward.
When the child starts to sit up, formed the second curvature of the spine in the thoracic part of the bulge turned back.
Further when standing up of the child on his legs, pelvis it turns heads of femur, leans forward, causing third curvature of the spine in the lumbar part, the bulge forward facing.
Bearing defects, and scoliosis can occur in infancy, when a bone of a child has a large number of non-ossified (cartilage) tissue. One of the reasons of their occurrence may be, as you know, the wrong always on one hand carrying the baby. Bearing defects, kyphosis and lordosis may arise in the result of being too soon to plant, to put on the legs or learning to walk child, and insufficiently developed muscles, unbending back, still not prepared to carry the static load.
What are the main causes of defects posture and scoliosis in children?
This is, firstly, a General lack of muscle development of the child (muscle weakness). Secondly, the uneven development of muscles of back, belly, hips, holding the spine in the correct position. There are a number of other adverse factors contributing to the development of posture: a prolonged illness of the child (rickets) or frequent diseases that weaken the body, illness, leading to paralysis. A great role in education of scoliosis plays a poor General mode of life of the child (passive rest, no walks, lack of sleep, too soft bed, wrong diet. Contributes to the formation of posture is not relevant to the growth of the child furniture, uncomfortable clothing, incorrect posture and habits such as bearing upon standing on one leg, the wrong seat at the table, reading and painting lying in bed on his side, repetitive movements, such as the rejection of the same leg when riding a scooter, jumping on one leg in a game of "classes", etc.
It is clear that the earlier identified defect of a bearing, and especially scoliosis than before appropriate action is taken, the greater success can be achieved in the elimination of the defect.
You must already from infancy to create conditions conducive to the development of muscles of the child, i.e., the right to organize General and motor mode of life. Very harmful tight swaddle children and leave them in this position for a long time, for it restricts movement and adversely affect the work of internal organs. Several times a day, the child should be deployed and give him the freedom to move my legs and hands. Of great importance in motor operation have physical exercises.