Causes of sudden death

  • Causes of sudden death
  • Sudden death can be caused by a variety of diseases, but in different age groups, some of them occur more frequently, others less often.
    Causes of sudden death in children. The sudden death of children - quick and unexpected among seemingly full of health, without any previous serious diseases in the medical literature is referred to as a syndrome of sudden death in children (SWSD). This emphasizes how quick onset of death, and the etiology of disease processes, resulting in it.
    According to statistics, the sudden death of children is from 0,5 to 20% of all infant deaths, and 1/3 of this amount falls on the age from 1 month to one year, and of this group, more than 50 percent in the death of the children under 4 months.
    The main reasons that cause sudden death in children under one year, are recognized if the life of infectious diseases, especially viral; hypoxic condition caused by various factors of Central origin; Allergy to antigens of the external environment, in particular to cow's milk (for children with artificial feeding with application of highly concentrated milk mixes); immunodeficiency; a number of other pathological conditions. Pathogenetically with these causes of death (except infection) are crucial inadequate reaction of the child's body due to hormonal and immunological, neuro-reflex factors leading to an imbalance in the activities of major life systems of the body.
    The occurrence of sudden death in children contributes to a number of internal and external factors. Thus, the infant mortality rate among premature babies are about 10 times higher. Often die suddenly, children born immature. Among the environmental factors that contribute sudden death, in the first place you should put meteorological: the largest number of such cases is in autumn and spring, when there is a sharp change of weather and when high morbidity in General and viral infectious diseases in particular.
    In school, adolescence and young adulthood causes of sudden death are infectious diseases, diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems (pneumonia, rheumatic heart failure, congenital defects), and other
    Causes of sudden death in young age. At a young age cases of sudden death are rare. It may come from acute ischemic heart disease, in particular from such forms as acute coronary insufficiency and from cardiac complications of rheumatic origin, diseases of respiratory and Central nervous system, infectious diseases.
    The peculiarity of sudden death in young age is the low degree of morphological manifestations of the disease that caused the death. This necessitates a thorough forensic examination of the body with obligatory use of methods of laboratory tests (histological, virological, biochemical and other).