The cause of death of a newborn child

The death of the fetus may occur: before delivery (in antenatal period), during labor and after them (in the postnatal period), It can be both non-violent and violent.
Non-violent death of the fetus and the newborn may be due either to underdevelopment (no future), or the presence incompatible with life malformations (anencephaly, eventtrace internal organs, and so on). In addition, non-violent death of the fetus and newborn can be caused by various pathological processes or birth trauma.
More than half of all cases the cause of death is intrauterine asphyxia (which may contain changes from both the fetus and mother's side) from disorders of blood circulation, placenta previa, and her heart attack, true nodes umbilical cord and others In other cases, non-violent death can be caused by acute infectious diseases, some chronic diseases (e.g., syphilis and others).
Frequent cause of death of the child during birth is a birth trauma, which is easier occurs in premature and immature fruits, with a narrow pelvis mother, at large fruit and protracted delivery. Birth trauma can result in fractures of the skull, intracranial hemorrhage in shell and the substance of the brain, damages bones: the clavicle, the cervical vertebrae; internal injuries (podepsaly hematoma liver, apoplexy of the kidneys and adrenal glands, hypertension in the pulmonary tissue and others).
The violent death of newborns during delivery is rare.
It should be noted damage arising from self-help during childbirth that occur outside obstetric institutions and without assistance. Trying to help themselves, with little experience, the woman hands damages predlagayu part of the fetus, more often head. This may lead to abrasions, bruises, wounds, fractures of the lower jaw, broken bones.
After birth the violent death of the newborn may be a consequence of infanticide, murders and accidents.
As already indicated, infanticide may be passive (when the newborn left without care and assistance) and active.
With the active infanticide (and murder of a newborn) death often occurs from various kinds of mechanical asphyxia.
There are cases when a newborn is thrown into water, latrines. In these cases death from drowning, hypothermia, and so on, there are cases of death from closing breathing holes hands, soft objects. It should be borne in mind that during childbirth outside hospitals, when the pregnant woman is one and cannot provide the necessary care to the newborn, he can bury his face in the soft object and suffocation.
As a way infanticide may be used udivlenie loop, which can be used rags, twine, sometimes part of linen or clothes mother.
It should be borne in mind that sometimes the neck baby loop is detected from the umbilical cord. May be cord entanglement around the neck during childbirth. However, we cannot exclude the possibility of killing newborn by zadaszenia the umbilical cord.
Mechanical damage as a way of infanticide are less common. Could experience damage to vital organs blunt or sharp objects. The injuries inflicted by blunt objects to be distinguished from birth trauma and injuries caused by the so-called rapid delivery.

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