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Causes of sudden death in athletes

Study on causes of death athletes has huge value for development of measures for prevention of disease in athletes, studying the problems of sports longevity and so on, we are Talking about deaths not directly related to the injury. This issue has 2 aspects: 1) from what is generally die athletes and 2) what die athletes suddenly.
The question of what actually die athletes, little studied. However, it was very important to find out whether impose sports any impact on the structure of mortality and if it's different from that of persons not involved in sports. It is of considerable practical importance.
The second aspect of every year becomes more and more popular. In the literature, increasingly the descriptions of cases of sudden deaths of sportsmen during training and competition, or immediately after it.
Analysis of sudden deaths from diseases of internal organs, due to acute physical stress, as among athletes, and among the persons not involved in sports, shows that in most cases the main cause of death in these cases are heart disease, as occurred before physical activity and caused by physical strain.
Both aspects of accurate statistical data in the literature there is both here and abroad. We believe that this can be explained by the fact that the first aspect of this problem has not been given due importance. As for the sudden deaths from diseases and closed injuries of internal organs and nervous system, it seems, false fear that such data may discredit the sport.
Materials of N. Montoyo, studied the causes of death 114 athletes and 86, not involved in sports, the average age of the deceased was the same (respectively 64 and 66 years). The proportion of deaths from cardiovascular diseases were the athletes on 11 % more, than in persons not engaged in sports (respectively 70% and 59%). At the same time the mortality from other diseases was significantly lower (respectively 34 % and 46 %). Interestingly, death due to external causes are the athletes 34 %, while among persons who are not involved in sports, just to 17.4 %.
These data give, of course, only a very General idea about the reasons of death of athletes, however, allow us to conclude that sports impose a certain effect on the structure not only morbidity, and mortality.
In a number of works you can find indication of what sports do not affect the life span. Such a conclusion the authors do, comparing the life expectancy of athletes and persons not involved in sports.
You must specify that some authors consider wrong to compare mortality athletes and persons not involved in sports. In their opinion, sports are just one of the many factors influencing the length of life, and to consider only this factor cannot. C. M. Zatsiorskiî (1988) also believes that convincing evidence of the impact of sports on life expectancy hard to find. Too many different factors, in addition to sports, playing quite a significant role. However, based on review of literature on this issue, V. M. Zatsiorskiî comes to the conclusion that the life expectancy of former athletes still somewhat higher than that of persons not involved in sports, but among persons with higher education it was not confirmed.
The fact that diseases of the cardiovascular system occupy in the structure of mortality athletes 1st place, is a reflection of the recent General trend to growth in this group of patients. Today all over the world cardiovascular diseases are sad 1st place among the causes of mortality and morbidity, and their share is growing. Suffice it to say that if in 1939, the share of cardiovascular diseases in the overall morbidity was 11 %, in 1971, it has reached 47 %.