Self-massage techniques

The favorable effect of massage on the skin, muscles, nerves known for a long time. In addition, it contributes to more efficient work intramuscular peripheral "hearts".
Having mastered certain skills, you can every day, after the morning exercises to perform self-massage of the body. This usually takes 7-12 minutes.
Clean hands (after a shower) are continuous massaging motion in the direction of blood flow and lymph flow from one to another articular bend. Self-massage, typically starting with a stop before moving on to the leg, thigh. After the feet massaged his buttocks, lower back, neck, scalp, hands, chest and stomach.
You cannot mussirovanie in all diseases of the skin (acne, boils, eczema, psoriasis, fungal), varicose veins, increased body temperature, kidney stones, cholecystitis. It is not recommended to massage the area of the stomach during menstruation and pregnancy.
Technique of massage techniques are not difficult. First of all need to relax that part of the body that? will be self-massage for what it is performed in several postures: sitting, standing, lying down. Usually limited to the following basic techniques.
Stroking - this technique can start and finish the self-massage of the corresponding body part. He is relaxed brush slowly and rhythmically pleasant caressing movements, usually soothing and warm.
Rubbing - used almost exclusively with self-massage of the joints and ligaments. Perform his fingertips and palm. Movement usually circular, but can be longitudinal. Hands not glide over the skin, and move as if with her.
Squeezing - is done by hand, as when stroking, but with significant pressure on the tissue. Sometimes, to increase the effect, on the hand, making squeezing, then, put on the other hand, which increases the pressure.
Kneading is usually used with self-massage large muscles. When executed, produces pressure on the muscle is not your fingertips, and the entire inner surface of a brush, in any case without causing pain.
Percussion techniques, or Pat, do relaxed brush easy, intermittently in contrast to previous methods, carried out without interrupting the hands or fingers. Often these movements do ulnar side brush perpendicularly installed to massaging the area. You can also top surface of a brush with multiple bending the joints of the fingers. When these movements should not be in pain.
Self-massage of the feet and legs is sitting on the bed or gymnastics Mat. Take two hands foot so that your thumbs on top and they produce a rubbing movement, to stroking the Palmar surface from the toes up to the shins.
Then the leg put in such a position, which gives the relaxation of the muscles of the lower leg (bend in the knee joint). Do stroking movements on the front and back surface of tibia. This calf muscle knead from the ankle to the knee.
Rubbing and stroking of the knee joint performed in extended forward relaxed leg circular and longitudinal movements.
Then move to self-massage the hips. Outstretched leg away slightly to the side, capture muscle in both hands and hold kneading (and Pat) in the direction from the knee to the body. The lower side of the thigh massage also in the position of the legs, bent at the knee and placed aside, with emphasis outer edge of the foot of the bed. Complete self-massage hip stroking.
Self-massage, gluteal muscles conduct standing. If massaged right buttock, right leg put on socks and make the most of it relaxing. Circular movements of the right hand hold kneading, from the bottom up, the muscles squeezing and stroking the same on the other side of the left hand.
Back massage simultaneously with two hands while standing, using the techniques stroking and rubbing.
Self-massage hand, forearm and elbow joint spend stroking and rubbing in position sitting.
The front surface of the shoulder massage with this hand position, as the forearm, hand bend of the elbow, resting on your lap; rear surface is slightly bent forward with her hand down between his knees. Stroking, squeezing and kneading carried out from an elbow up to the shoulder joint.
With self-massage of muscles of the chest sitting massaged the right side, right relaxed a hand on her hip. Virgin hand do stroking and rubbing, walking along the ribs from front to back. Women breast gland massage should not be.
Self-massage of the abdomen perform lying on his back. Left hand while putting on the right and hold circular pumping motion across the surface of the abdomen (clockwise). The area of the bladder is not affected. When a highly developed subcutaneous fat layer make it kneading and rubbing. To help relax the muscles of the abdomen, legs bent at the knees, feet move to the buttocks. Self-massage of the abdomen is conducted with great care, without pressure on the organs of abdominal cavity.
Neck and scalp and ears are usually massaged at the end of or after massaging shoulder, ending in this case the procedure of self-massage of the abdomen.
Massage the neck sitting, at the same time stroking both hands behind and alternating right and left hand front surface of the neck. Movement should be delicate, caressing, especially in the area of the thyroid gland, directed from the top down to the clavicle.
Head massage is conducted as follows: pads apart fingers stroke at first, the skin on the forehead, and then vigorous circular motion grind the entire middle surface of the head. Fingers glide over the skin, and move over it with a light pressure, achieve the occipital area and back side to the temples.