The tides

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Immunological open for a long time tried to fight their way to not always possible to trusting "country Oncology". The best criterion was always clinical practice. In the mid 1960-ies the American A. Goldstein allocated from the thymus of newborn animals soluble fraction, which strengthened the function of T-lymphocytes of people, for whatever reason weakened. The drug is called thymosin; it began to be widely used to enhance the immunological reactivity of cancer patients. By itself, Timoshin did not possess antitumor activity, but he has restored the activity of T cells, weakened by chemotherapy or radiation. In our country were received counterparts thymosin (T-activin, timalin, timorin), sometimes superior activity Timosin. Were tested methods replanting fetal thymus cancer patients. Stimulants of T-lymphocytes was some antiparasitic drugs (levamisole, decaris). However, in the best case, such modulating effects caused varies in duration stabilization of the pathological process (remission), but didn't get rid of the disease.
In the early 70-ies was proposed original method of strengthening the immune system due aimed processing outside the body of lymphocytes cancer patients. The patient simultaneously took a significant amount of blood to make up for the loss of blood transfusion of donor. From the patient's blood was isolated lymphocytes and over a dozen hours had passed them in the solution immunostimulant. Then "refurbished" cells are returned to the owner.
This principle of modification of the immune response had the advantage that was not related to the stimulation of depleted disease protective forces of the body, and was made as if to bypass weakened immune regulation and ensure delivery the bloodstream already trained killers (killers) tumor cells. This rather laborious method was used only for patients in the last stages of the disease and strictly individual indications. As a stimulant used product of plant origin - phytohemagglutinin (PHA), contributing to the education of lymphocytes-killers. The most notable curative effect activated lymphocytes provided when introduced directly into the tumor site.
And again began the discussion does PHA only cancer cells or passing it enhances the activity of lymphocytes-suppressors. For the action of the drug found figurative comparison with a shepherd who is driving cows, and where't know myself." It is noteworthy that in 10 years after the work was conducted in our country (1973), she was fully repeated for the treatment of severe cancer patients by a group of American doctors under the guidance of the chief surgeon of the National cancer Institute in the USA Steven Rosenberg. It became obvious that the main search should be directed to natural biologically active substances that minimal quantities produces the body itself, but their products can be enhanced through modern biotechnology.
And this substance has been found. It was opened in 1975 immunological hormone produced by T-lymphocytes. This is interleukin-2 (IL-2). It is the IL-2 promotes healthy people turning neutral before lymphocytosis in killer cells, it synthesis in malignant tumor growth is sharply broken. Combining the cell, producing IL-2, with harmless E. coli, the researchers succeeded in obtaining purified (recombinant) IL-2 in large enough quantities. It happened in 1984