The tides

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In late 1985, the attention of the medical community has attracted article in the "New England medical journal (so 313, № 23, S. 1485-1492), which was called "the Results of observations with the systemic administration of autologous lymphokine-activated killer cells and recombinant interleukin-2 in patients with metastatic cancer." The authors first among them was the same C. Rosenberg, succeeded in 11 patients from 25 (they suffer from cancer with multiple metastases) to reduce the mass of tumors by more than 50%, and one patient with malignant melanoma tumor was completely eliminated. Treatment principle was still sick have introduced their own lymphocytes, previously grown in culture medium with IL-2 (hence the name "lymphokine-activated cells" - LAC). The method of treatment was complemented with additional injections of recombinant IL-2 to maintain reproduction LACQUER in the body.
This last observation has contributed to the displacement of the pendulum from the mark "cold". However, whether the "hot"? Vice-President of the American society of oncologists Fran Rauscher said: the main thing in the work Rosenberg - the method of treatment of the whole organism, and less toxic than all the previous ones. Himself Rosenberg rightly stated in the answers to the journalists: "in 1985, not yet victory over cancer".
Perhaps the most valuable observation so far not made in the clinic, and in the experiment. In mice by the method described above Rosenberg with employees fully eliminated metastasis sarcoma in the lungs and liver, inhibit the development of cancer of the bowel, bladder, lungs. Immunotherapy has been effective with significant weight tumors, despite careful in his time forecasts mate. After the reverse development of metastases internal organs acquired normal structure.
And yet we still are dealing with the first and very much indicative of clinical results. We should not forget that the obvious improvement was obtained not even half of the treated patients. The question remains duration attainment of remission, for the period of monitoring of patients, according to published data, did not exceed one year.
It is known that using immunotherapy can prolong the period of development of tumors without metastasis, but then metastasis can proceed rapidly. This method of treatment due to a number of circumstances will not be able in the coming years to become a mass, even if will be generated good results.
But these concerns do not alter the main conclusions. Finally in the wall "cancerous fortress" punched clear gap shows the principal possibility of reverse development of malignant tumors after purposeful actions. Evidence of successful treatment of cancer in the last stage, and its different types and use similar therapeutic approach. In order to achieve these results, surgeon-oncologist S. Rosenberg became a specialist-immunologist.
Future work - and its no end - must, of course, be done in close Union of the two branches of medicine - Oncology and immunology.