The main principles and methods of sanatorium treatment

Spa treatment is one of the important stages in the General system of strengthening of health of children. A close relationship, continuity stationary, out-patient and sanatorium stages largely determine the effectiveness of preventive and treatment activities. It is known that sanatorium treatment is most effective in the early stages of the pathological process, when perhaps the reverse development changes, correction of adverse factors threatening the development and progression of the disease. Rational use of sanatorium institutions plays an important role in solving problems of a General medical examination of the population, allows to strengthen kids ' health.
Spa treatment is always complex. In contrast to the hospital it is characterised by the extensive application of climatotherapy, remedial gymnastics), natural and preformed (artificial) physical factors, labor therapy in the mode of the day, rationally combining elements of activity and rest, treatment and education, sparing and training.
For most patients, it is advisable to carry out treatment under local conditions. This reduces the adaptation rebuilding of an organism in the period of acclimatization and re-acclimatization, shifts biorhythms. This is especially important for patients with pre-school age, whose adaptation to new conditions is much more complicated. Children of older age also successfully treated mainly at local resorts. The advantage of treatment in the usual climate and many foreign authors.
However, in the southern resorts has more opportunities to use thalassotherapy, balneotherapy, treatment mountain climate. If you cannot achieve stable effect in the local sanatorium, it is recommended sanatorium treatment in the resort, but stay there needs to be long enough, not less than 6-8 weeks [Lebedev, So, 1982; Tikhomirov K. S., 1983].
Duration of treatment in trade Union sanatorium for parents with children aged from 4 to 14 years is 24 days. In these sanatoriums is recommended to direct patients with mild disease, in stable remission. Especially useful treatment in these sanatoriums children from groups at risk for diseases with a strong family predisposition (allergies, rheumatism, obesity, ulcers, hypertension), given the simultaneous presence of parents with children, correction of some family factors "risk".
An important principle of sanatorium treatment of children is the individualization of medical prescriptions taking into account features of reactivity of the child, course of illness, previous therapy that is expedient to combine balneotherapy, physiotherapy, exercise therapy, massage, orthopaedic and other forms of special treatment to avoid polypragmasia, energy overload the body.
The combination of therapeutic and educational activities is a particular feature of the children's sanatoriums and plays an important role in achieving a favorable effect.
During the course of treatment in the sanatorium there should be some sequence of impacts, and therefore allocate three basic periods, each of which has its own characteristics in psycho-emotional attitude, day regimen, the methods of treatment.