Basic principles of organization of work of children's tubercular sanatorium profile

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Children's sanatorium is a specialized medical and preventive institution landmark treatment of sick children, liquidation of consequences transferred their diseases, training and return of children to normal peer lifestyle. Currently, children's sanatoria is a highly - specialised medical and educational institutions, in which the healing process is carried out in close Association with the educational process. This circumstance makes it possible to achieve the most effective results of rehabilitation of patients due to the shorter and therefore more profound specialization of medical and educational personnel, applying the most effective for different profile sanatoriums methods and terms of treatment, the optimal accounting and selection of acceptable physical and psycho-emotional loads.
The main tasks entrusted to the children's sanatorium, defined by the Regulations on children's tubercular sanatorium profile", approved by order of Ministry of health USSR № 427 dated 28 April 1978 In connection with the diversity and specificity of the organization of work of the children's sanatorium requires a creative approach to solution of tasks assigned to children's sanatorium.
Brought the child acute disease and flowing chronically does not pass to the child's body completely. Under the influence of the disease disorganized basic body functions, changed its reactivity, exhausted Central nervous system, which becomes more vulnerable, not able to respond adequately to normal stimuli. All of the above facts must be taken into account when organizing health-protective regime.
For a number of diseases successful rehabilitation is possible only with long-term, systematic and purposeful complex influence of therapeutic and psycho-emotional measures. The most physiological and the most effective are sanatorium-and-Spa methods. It is a children's sanatorium in properly and carefully staged medico-pedagogical approach to the sick child can ensure success in recovery and return it to have a happy childhood.
In the organization of services for children in the sanatorium there are no trifles. Since admission to the institution for all of the child is important: and as he was met, and which the chamber was placed, and what the Desk planted, and as fed and so on Care of children should appear here before they came here. Days of arrival in children is very important and often decide the success of the further stay of the child in the sanatorium. These days all personnel must work with the maximum responsibility. No child should be left behind, out of sight.
Many resorts are located in suburban areas where there is always public transport, so you must make an appointment children at the station, the Marina, the airport and deliver them to their parents on the transport of sanatorium. After crossing the children are often tired, so you need as quickly as possible to accept them, to feed and provide them with the rest. However, it is important to identify children with evidence of intercurrent disease and promptly isolate. The procedure of admission to the resort should not be tedious for a child. Interview with parents, filling in medical documentation, etc. may be carried out without it.
Arriving to the sanatorium, the child comes off (often for the first time) from usual family environment, falls within the terms of the new for him daily routine and lifestyle. In this regard, special attention should be paid to methodically correct implementation of children in the new conditions of life and rules of health, establishment of contacts with friends, staff, distraction from unpleasant feelings connected with disease and separation from their loved ones.