The principles of planning the development of a network of children's sanatoriums

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The Soviet Union has an enormous natural curative resources - sources of mineral waters of various chemical composition, large deposits of mud and peat deposits, areas with excellent climatic conditions are favorable for treatment and rest. These conditions provide an opportunity for further development of existing resorts and new, including the development of a network of children's sanatoria and resorts.
The state Commission for mineral reserves under the Council of Ministers of the USSR approved in 1983 exploitation reserves 227 deposits of mineral waters with carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, radon, iodine-bromine, glandular, thermal and other waters. Identified hydromineral resources are the basis for the intensive development as medical institutions and filling plants for non-resort to the use. The bottling of mineral water (according to the CSO of the USSR on January 1, 1983) are 180 enterprises of the Ministry of food industry of the USSR, the total output of 2.4 billion bottles a year.
In recent years, expanded the territory of exploration works on exploitation of new deposits of healing water and mud. Greatly expanded and explored new types of waters in areas known resorts of Caucasian Mineral Waters, Big Sochi, Central areas of the European part of the USSR, the Baltic States.
A significant amount of research done in the areas of intensive industrial construction in the Urals, in Siberia and in the far East, especially in the zone of influence of BAM (Ust-Ilim, Kozhanova, Melt, Shmakovka, Krasnousolsk, lower-Ivkino, Krasnoufimsk, Verkhne-Paratunskie, and others). Actively conducted exploration works on mineral water in the Nonchernozem zone of the rufsr, where you create new and expand existing health centres (Khilovo, Cherekha, Red Hill, Vorobyev).
Large work is carried out in Central Asia with the aim of creating new large medical complexes on the basis of hydromineral resources (Cholpon-ATA, Frunze, Nagorno, Bakharden, present, Karaburun and others).
In order to strengthen hydromineral base of sanatorium establishments of the USSR, and also the most complete and complex use of mineral waters and therapeutic muds, the protection of natural resources and environment Ministry of health of the USSR in 1982, the departmental hydrogeological service, which is responsible for the supervision over the implementation of measures ensuring the rational development of mineral waters and therapeutic muds used medical and sanatorium-and-Spa institutions of the Ministry of health of the USSR.
Of fundamental importance for the proper use of resort factors and improve the efficiency of sanatorium treatment has a rational distribution of resorts and sanatoriums on the vast territory of our country.
Children's health resorts are located in different regions of the country, mainly in areas close to the place of permanent residence of the children. These institutions are administered region-, region-, gorzdravotdela. They provide a true landmark follow-up medical treatment of children. A significant number of local children's sanatoria operates the resorts of national and local significance, in favorable natural-climatic conditions, which have curative hydro-mineral resources. The development of these sanatoriums is most advisable and perspective.
Children's sanatorium developed resorts of all-Union significance, therapeutic significance of which is determined by the fact that they have unique natural therapeutic factors and are in the most favorable natural and climatic conditions of our country.
In the resorts of the Union meaning operate, as a rule, the Republican children's sanatorium, subordinate to the ministries of health of the Union republics. They take on the treatment of sick children from different parts of our country (PL. 1).