Seizures with psychopathological phenomena

Psychopathological paroxysmal States or precede convulsive seizure in the form of an aura, or arise after him, or are self-manifestation - "mental equivalent of epileptic fit. These include twilight state, automatisms, illusory seizures and other more Often seizures psychopathological character in children meet twilight state of consciousness. For paroxysm characterized by confusion, disorientation, loss of ability for abstract thinking. To the twilight paroxysms primarily include temporal pseudobase: child suddenly pale, his face expresses confusion, you may experience transient hallucinations, vocalizations and other automation equipment. After the attack patients describe their condition as deformation of the surrounding, the otherness, the feeling of sadness. Declare that heard scraps of phrases, words of others, but could not respond. The duration of twilight States varies from several minutes up to hours and days.