A poultice

A poultice is used for warming up the body. There are poultice dry, semi-moist and humid. For dry poultices applied river sand, quickly heated to extreme heat (as it is undercooked), or hot ashes. For terraria - fresh potatoes, mashed and immediately wrapped into some dense fabric in the form of flat cakes, as well as oats, steamed without water in the oven. For wet poultices use flax seed, bran, chamomile, etc. They put in a bag and steam out on the grill (durshlage) above the boiling water or boiled in water, severely squeezed and give a few to cool. Poultices are made of clay and peat.
Method of application. Dry poultice - hot ashes or heated sand in the bags of the right size is applied to the sore spot.
First, a poultice put on top of the folded several times towels (until it is too hot), and as the cooling - on top of linen or directly to the body. The advantage of such hot spots that the contents of the bag well attached to the surface of the body. Wet compresses imposed directly on the body, cover compress paper and woollen shawl or scarf, put a heating pad to slow cooling, and, together, cover with a blanket. The temperature of moist compresses should be lower than dry as wet poultice causes a burning sensation at a lower temperature. Poultice hold sometimes for hours. Thus there is the heating of the whole body. After applying poultices to avoid cooling.
Indications for use poultices are the same as for other kinds of heat treatment (see). Especially as shown poultice in the inflammatory processes, neuralgia, neuritis, radiculitis , etc.