Nature - doctor diseases

  • The action of natural factors on humans
  • Not povredi was the principle of the treatment of Hippocrates. Recognizing that the causes of diseases is always natural, he taught physicians to use the natural properties of the organism, the stock of its strength.
    The body of the people, taught by Hippocrates, is built from the main connection of juices: of blood produced by the heart; bile, derived from the liver; black bile - from the spleen and mucus - from the brain. The number of these fluids, he believed, depends on external conditions. If the juices mixed correctly, a healthy man. The imbalance leads to disease.
    Naive and ridiculous? But note one more detail: in the theory of Hippocrates is no hint of the dependence of the disease from any kind of supernatural power, the divine or the devil. Physician of antiquity looking at illness material, throwing away the crutches of religious faith, refusing Pandora's box. Hippocrates was able to see the disease as a phenomenon that is developed, approached the disease as it makes the modern physician, has immeasurably greater knowledge and capabilities of the study. The more surprising is the genius of this man. No wonder it is called the "father of medicine".
    Hippocrates and his disciples left many books, which you can judge what was known to the ancients about the structure of the human body.
    In the era of Hippocrates, the Greek doctors dissected animals and studied the structure is similar to the internal organs. And yet the book of this school report information beyond the circle of common anatomical knowledge of that time. The system of bodies of the movement - the bones, Joints, ligaments, muscles school of Hippocrates knew perfectly, And it is not accidental, they can be examined on the skeletons, not touching the body with a knife and not offending the religious feelings of citizens.
    But the brain Hippocrates more thought... gland.
    The first attempt to create an exact science about the human body was made in Alexandria.