Powder - fine powders and powder used in acute inflammatory processes of the skin (without soak), and with the increased flow and excretion of fat in the skin folds as anti-inflammatory, disinfecting and drying tool. Cooling the skin, powders reduce the subjective sensations of stinging, itching. Powder pripudrivayut affected areas several times a day. In acute inflammation with moist powder is contraindicated, as it mixes with the exudate, they form a crust, which may accumulate exudate.
Apply powder from mineral (oxide zinc, talc) and vegetable preparations (starch), or mixed. The composition of powders are various drugs: 0,5 - 2% menthol, 5-10% benzocaine (with irritation), 2-3% salicylic and boric acid, formaldehyde (hyperhidrosis); for cautery warts - resorcinol. For disinfection action in the form of powders used dermatol, iodoform, kseroforma and other (on the ulcerous surface). If the powder is injected liquid medications, in quantities that do not violate the flow properties of powder.
Plant of powder should not be applied to wet friction surfaces (in oprelosti under the Breasts, in the scrotum), as they quickly decays; better use of mineral powder with addition of fat. For dry skin facial cosmetic purpose use the so-called fat powder. Cm. also Medicinal forms.

Powder (synonym powder) is one of medicinal forms, a powder or a mixture of several powders intended for dusting skin in the medical, hygienic and cosmetic purposes.
As powders applied usually chemically neutral plant and mineral powder. From vegetable powders most often used starches: wheat (Amylum triticum), rice, potato, corn, of mineral talc (acid salt of magnesium - Talcum), zinc oxide (Zincum oxydatum), white clay. Powder, drying and cooling the skin that causes narrowing of the blood vessels and the weakening of inflammation. This is because the tiny solid particles that are part of powders, due to hygroscopicity absorb sweat, sebum, the exudate increase in surface evaporation and heat transfer. The composition of powders are introduced when necessary substances with specific pharmacological properties: disinfectant (boric acid, sulfa drugs, dermatol), antipruritic (menthol, thymol, salicylic acid), cauterizing (resorcinol).
Powders apply: a) in acute inflammatory skin conditions, reflected in active hyperemia and edema; b) with hygienic purpose with the increased flow and excretion of fat; C) to protect the skin from external irritants (sunlight); sometimes powder used for better fixation on the skin ointments and pastes. Powder is contraindicated in inflammatory conditions of the skin, accompanied by weeping as poroshkoobraznye substances, mixed with the exudate, form a crust, delaying the resolution of the inflammatory process. Powder poorly tolerated by dry skin. Starches not appointed on the skin folds, as oblasts then, they form here claustrophobia mass, which irritate the skin.
Powder applied to the skin, thin layer of not less than 2-3 times a day. The composition of powders used cosmetic purpose (cosmetic powder)are introduced, in addition to powdery substances of different fats, special dyes, fragrances, essential oils.