Is it possible to vaccinate the tumor?

At the Department of pathological anatomy of the Military-surgical Academy Professor Mikhail Matveyevich Rudnev just finished a lecture on cancer tumors.
Lectures, a young Professor attracted not only students. To Rudneva came to learn doctors and veterinarians. Here there was a new scientific school.
The lecture was really Very interesting. Rudnev spoke of benign tumors that grow, pushing adjacent tissue, and about the malignant tumors that grow nearby tissue, like mold grows bread, the cells of tumors that are detached from it and entered the lymph or blood in other tissues and organs, and then start there to proliferate, forming, sometimes many years, the new tumor. When these so-called metastases occur in the bodies that cannot be removed with surgery,the - century brain, liver, pancreas, is to help the patient is already impossible, Rudnev and told about the origin of cancer. Unfortunately, he said, all existing theories Melodifestivalen, and the main cause of cancer is unknown. However, some predisposing to the development of cancer conditions, and first of all ages, can be considered established. Further advances in the study of cancer will depend on its experimental study. But this study has not started. No one has been able so far to vaccinate cancer from one organism to another.
After the lecture had many questions. They continued in the office of Professor, where he gathered his closest employees.
Mikhail Matveyevich, do not managed to instill the tumor from one animal to another? - A young veterinarian Novinsky, recently graduated from the veterinary Department of the Medical-surgical Academy and working in zokirovich the Professor's office Century. E. Vorontsova, is a frequent visitor here, in the laboratory, and this was not his first question in the study Rudnev.
- Imagine, Mstislav Aleksandrovich, nobody managed, though some have tried. I think failed because they did not as it should. To instill need a young, fast-growing tumor and, moreover, an animal of the same species - dog dog, rat, mouse, and so on. Now you should try to do it as it should...
There were many questions. The conversation lasted. Four years later, in 1877, M. A. Novinsky defended his thesis for the degree of master of veterinary science on the theme: "the question about the grafting of malignant neoplasms".
He exact experiments have shown that you can take the pliers of the tumor, the patient dogs and instill this piece healthy. Grafted piece can grow into a large tumor and cause the death of the animal. From this dog tumor can be taught next. Thus, you can instill a tumor from one animal to another, and be kept in the laboratory of tumor to study them.
Oncological science has made a major step forward. First experiment in Oncology. From passive observation of cancer process could go to active intervention in this process.
Novinsky were greeted with a deserved success.
- I only proved the correctness of your idea, dear Mikhail Matveyevich, " replied on Novinsky congratulations Rudnev. - Probably, will be now easier and find out the real cause of cancer.
- Of course, now easier, but Rudnev mused, " it's too difficult, perhaps, to wait long.

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