Cautery is the application with the purpose of treatment of chemical, thermal, electrical and radiation burns.
Apply cautery for the destruction of small tumors of the skin, excessive granulation, moles, warts, blisters, enlargement, mucous membranes, etc., Chemical cauterization is to lubricate the hearth alcoholic iodine solution, concentrated solution of nitrate of silver, carbolic, breast or nitric acid and others When burning strong acids caution: the acid is applied to a glass rod, surrounding healthy tissue protect sterile pad or grease with lanolin, petrolatum, zinc paste. Instead of a solution of silver nitrate or carbolic acid, you can use the wand crystalline product.
Heat searing hot metal produced by termokamera Paklina or galvanometers. Burning in combination with acupuncture is one of the most common methods of Chinese medicine.
For cauterizing electricity used the high-frequency current, which, through special nozzles gives a limited destruction of tissues (see Diathermocoagulation). This method is used to remove small superficial tumors of the skin, the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract, bladder, and to stop bleeding from the small vessels (see Electrosurgical methods of treatment).
Burning with the application of radiation burns of I degree in the form of quartz erythema used as a distraction for inflammatory diseases (see Ultraviolet radiation).

Moxibustion (cauterisatio) - application with the purpose of treatment of burns, thermal, chemical, electrical or radiation. The burning is used for destruction of small pathological formations - hypertrophied mucosa, warts, excessive granulation, etc. In these cases, except for electrocoagulation (see) and burning hot metal - tipped staff Paceline or loop galvanometer (see Termoacustica), you can sometimes use and chemicals - silver nitrate, copper sulfate, fuming nitric acid and others
By electrocoagulation produce and dissection of tissues instead of them cut with a knife (see Electrosurgical methods of treatment).
As foot reflexology, the event and the distraction widely used application of extensive burns of I degree: chemical, using mustard or radiation - quartz erythema (see Ultraviolet radiation). Distracting cauterization by burning of the II degree is one of the common means of Oriental (Chinese, Japanese) medicine (see Acupuncture).