The problem of sexual morality

The solution of the problem of sexual morality is complicated phenomena acceleration intimacy sexual experiences, the propensity of children to keep them secret. Great damage to the education cause unwarranted suspicions, gossip, unnecessary hints at the kind of feelings adolescents and the first manifestations of their sincere friendship and love.
In the process of sex education must be reported teen basic information on General and reproductive health, to warn him about the physical and mental consequences of early sex life and opportunities of sexually transmitted diseases, to provide a complex of measures preventing the formation of habits to alcohol, Smoking, Masturbation and other sexual inclinations.
Parents, along with their teachers, are concerned about early marriages, and sometimes the facts of the early start active sex life, which some young men and women begins at the age of 15-16 years. Such facts occur predominantly where parents failed to intervene into the world of intimate experience of the child or, noticing he abnormal sexual attraction, misled restrictions and prohibition of contacts between boys and girls. Stubborn teenager, his inclination to a paradoxical reactions often cause an action contrary to our aspirations and desires. No strict no parents, no religious Morality, bringing up children in the spirit of the negative attitude to the sexual experiences, do not solve the problem of sex education. Consequently, when the power revival sexual feelings parents should strive not to preaching sexual abstinence, and by deeply thought-out switch vigorous energy of the young man in the sports, tourism, scientific knowledge and feats of labor, world of art and literature. High moral qualities parents supported living examples,- the main condition of proper sex education of children.
Simultaneously with the promotion of a culture of social personality should help teenagers correctly to be guided in their awakening the senses, so that the pupils of the senior classes and students could discern the true love from the resultant feelings of love, passion, affection. Parents, whose authority in this matter should play a decisive role, must see themselves and explain to the children that like to get involved - does not mean to love. Love requires the test of time, and affection, passion and even love - such categories dominated by elements of randomness, short-lived. Popular wisdom says - separation for lovers, that the wind for a flame: easy - extinguishes, strong - kindle.
Sexual manifestations of the child in recent years increasingly attracting the attention of doctors and teachers. Many of the contentious issues are now becoming more clear and obvious. Thus, the study of the nature and forms of sexual manifestations in children was established their astounding variety - from hidden and disguised forms, gentle and tender manifestations in relation to your beloved, to manifestations, when sex overtly rude, that indicates pathological deviations in mental development of the child. Such children need special measures of education, but also in special medical effects.
The question of sex education require significant skills, special tact and great sensitivity. Methods correct calm exposure to emerging sexual curiosity must possess not only educators and teachers, but to a much greater extent and parents. If in mental and physical development of children, the school and the family act as equal participants in the prevention of sexual deviations crucial role belongs to parents. The doctors and teachers can examine this question from a natural point of view. For example, given the anatomical and physiological features of a certain age period, they can with a group of 15-20 students to talk about the General and sexual health, partnership, friendship, love, showing spiritual quests of this historically justified noble feelings which enriches and exalts the human personality. Under the influence of such a discussion, they start to pay more attention to their appearance, try to be polite, with great respect not only for the elderly, but also to youth.
Parents, in turn, should warn the teenager from some of the extremes of the first love (early sexual life, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, the prospect of a childless marriage, and so on). Such incidents should speak in the form of hints as about possible errors (but fatal!) first sexual feelings.
Teachers, opening on everyday examples, the essence of Communist morality, and doctors, lighting anatomical and physiological features of sexual function from a natural perspective, lay the Foundation, which is easier for parents to send their children's behavior in terms of the most intimate psychological feelings. Inept intervention of the teacher in the world of sexual experiences students can leave unwanted consequences. For example, the conversation teacher, teacher, doctor of pathological sexual habits with a group of boys or girls poses a serious threat, since many children during these conversations not only know, but try at the first opportunity to check heard in practice. This predisposes the features of a child's imagination, sensitivity, increased suggestibility.
The penetration of parents in the mental world of the child, careful observation of the revival and development of the sexual feelings warn the above-mentioned "fatal" errors. The emergence of heightened sexual curiosity in early childhood should alert the parents because it without their impact may cause the formation of unhealthy sexual habits and painfully altered psyche.
For the successful solution of the problem of sexual education of children, parents need to be armed with the basic pedagogical and medical knowledge, which is dedicated to this work. It covers: a) personal and sexual hygiene, separately for boys and girls, in different periods of life; b) prevention of the formation of a vicious skills and habits; C) formation of a sense of camaraderie, friendship, and ways of letting them in sincere love.
A separate Chapter is devoted to disclosing the essence of Communist morality, because it is the basis of sex education, inhibition sexual instinct brought culture and other incentives to higher forms of behaviour.
If in the process of educational work will nedoschitaetsya these requirements, then we will fail to achieve the harmonious development of the child's personality. The arisen problems (disharmony) can cause a child's nervousness and can cause sexual deviations.