Control over the process of breathing and management of consciousness

Doing yoga exercises, we should not forget that man is a biological organism that is characterized by certain physiological and mental functions. He sees, thinks, feels, feels, and so on, According to the yogis, the man lost his divine power and glory, having tasted the forbidden fruit, but he can recover lost "divinity" (transcendence) with the help of mental (intellectual) discipline and by concentrating their attention on a particular object.
For the normal functioning of the brain is necessary not only oxygen and nutrition, and to information from the senses.
Under the influence of thoughts, sometimes even fleeting, seeds originate ideas, feelings, emotions, feelings. Sooner or later (but surely!) they ripen, affect our consciousness and subconscious field, leaving a lasting traces in both the short and long term memory. Therefore, those who have learned to manipulate your mind (mental), in control and their nature, to connect with their "I". Thoughts are the manifestation of the mind. Using positive thoughts we can achieve the desired results, while negative thoughts and feelings are pushing man to evil, misery and disease. Therefore, it is necessary to act on the human body by physical, respiratory and psychological exercises, performed consciously.
The thought dominates the life of man, his communication with other people, over his routines. The power of concentrated thought (when we know how to organize and radiate by suggestion) so great that with its help, dedicated to control and even to subdue the will of others. But yoga is not set this as a goal, and we only want to strengthen their unity with nature.
About the power of the mind and thoughts shows experiment, carried out by Professor Jenskogo University (USA) O. A. Andersona. On a very sensitive balance was offset horizontal student body, which the Professor proposed to meet the challenge. This caused strong blood flow to the brain of the student. The result has broken the balance of body and arrow leaned to the side of the head. More difficult was the task which was undertaken by the student, the more deviated arrow. Then students were asked to mentally exercise feet. Arrow immediately moved towards the feet. When a student was that from heavy congestion his feet are tired, then arrow deviated even stronger. This experiment shows that mentally we can direct the flow of blood certain forces in the right direction - in the direction of the impact of our thoughts.
Proper use of respiratory exercises and optimal short of breath after breath, and sometimes when inhaling, increases the body's resistance to a lack of oxygen, which has beneficial effects on enzyme system, the blood supply to the heart and brain. Breathing exercises (DU) regulate blood pressure, tone of blood vessels and capillary network, improve the provision of oxygen, normalize the nervous processes.
In combination with exercise control also eliminate unnecessary, spontaneous, uncontrolled movement, obsessive thoughts, relieves spasms and so on, Alternating tension and relaxation of muscles in combination with the remote control has a regulating effect on the eye muscles, internal organs, including the vascular system.
Breathing exercises for beginners useful to combine with sound-motor exercises. When performing these exercises is used sound combined with singing, with the aim of vibration influence on certain organs (motor-vocal reflex). This effect is enhanced by special breathing exercises and proprioception among active points on the feet, fingers and head by pressing down on them. In some cases, proprioception among can be combined with the singing of certain syllables such as "om"and singing (macropedia) - with a slow walk. The syllable "om" produces physiological effects on humans. Utters the mantra as sound, in which neither "a"or "o", or "y" separately not heard, and the humming "m" received from life to sound from the beginning. Melodiousness, buzz, buzz create a good spirit, lead to oscillation and excite the entire area of the pituitary, and the sound of the "mmm" - all the region "Kha" (from the middle between the eyebrows to the pineal gland). Add to that deep (and increasingly deep) concentration of thought. Sometimes, in order to focus the mantra "om" say 6-7 times aloud.
The vibration of the sounds can be used alone, not combining with other exercises (the lesson plan swordfighting exercises in some diseases developed Kronstadt, Dynaco). The process of focusing the student should be improved as far as mastering yoga.
Forces that circulate in our body and quickening his constitute a modification of universal energy - prana and are produced mainly by breathing. From the generality of the powers of the human organism and the forces of nature implies the possibility of influence on the latter.
Breathing exercises for beginners allow to produce the necessary amount of prana of good quality, the excess of which can influence others and in General to the external world. Such exercises are already at the initial stage of concentration, and later, as perfection of man. Pranayama characterizes the process of "purification" of nerves and provides the opportunity (through breathing exercises) dive man in his inner world with no response to external stimuli (usually called pranayama management process prana in formulating internal psychic energy (Kundalini) and giving it the necessary direction.