Lifetime of living beings

These strikingly diverse. At one extreme, some microbes that live from division to division, i.e. from birth to death, just 12 minutes. At the other pole, the Australian tree macrozamia, which, as scientists believe, can live up to 12 years. The whole history of human culture has leaked over the lifetime of one generation of these trees.
Among vertebrates enviable longevity differ in some fish. Known, for example, pike, who lived 267 years. Considered carp can live up to 150 years. So live and large turtles. Among mammals and birds, called warm-blooded animals and who are our closest relatives in the animal Kingdom, there is a rule: the larger animal, so it is more durable. For example, the eagle is a large bird lives 100 years. Even our ordinary domestic goose, as a major bird can, like his fellow Swan, also live century. Of course, Gus much before this time falls into the pot, and no one knows what could he survive his master.
In mammals, the champion of longevity is the largest animal of the Earth - whale hunting which finally prohibited. Blue whales can reach a length of 35 meters, which corresponds to the height of 12-storey building, and can have a weight of 150 tons - as much as 2.5 thousand people. Newborn baby she has a length of 7 metres and at one feeding sucking their mothers 6-7 buckets of milk. Adds little daily 100 kilograms; in humans baby first days of life adds 40 grams, and it is in the best form, which we are very happy. Whales, according to some, can live up to 300-400 years. On the second place among mammals in life expectancy is the second largest animal elephant. He lives up to 100 years. The third place among the animals, feeding their young with milk, a person occupies. Average natural limit our life scientists also believe the age of 100 years.
There are people who prove it by their example. In Sverdlovsk in early 1985 celebrated the centenary of the former fighter and trainer to combat To. To. Baland-Schultz. In 1973 he died the oldest Soviet survivor, Azerbaijan peasant Shirali Mislimov. He lived 168 years, and things left behind a widow 120 years.
However, although the cases of the outstanding longevity and have the place, the vast majority of people do not live until the average natural characteristics specified by scientists. In our country now has only 19 thousand centenary of people, i.e. on average 8 per 100 thousand population. So is the calculation of long-livers. In the developed countries of the West persons over the age of 100 years and even less of 0.5-1 per 100 thousand. If on average in the USSR centenarians there are 8 100 thousand, in cities - 3, in villages - 13. Why? Mainly because of displacement, migration of the population. Young people, middle-aged people all the time "flow" to study and work in a rapidly growing city. Not by accident in the city are constantly short of housing, and in the villages are boarded up houses. Old people tend to remain in the village. Therefore, their share in the rural areas is increasing, and the city is reduced in connection with the alien young conscripts.
Most of the centenarians in the North Caucasus. In holding the palm of the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous region of Azerbaijan, where was and Shirali Mislimov, persons crossing the age-old line, there are 100 per 100 thousand population, i.e. several times more than the country average. Of course, it is too little. It turns out that even in this, the most prosperous area only one of the 15 older people has a chance of living to 100 years.