Professional selection

Professional selection - determination of the suitability of the person to discharge their professional duties.
Medical examination with the purpose of professional selection is required only at receipt for work associated with such a professional work environment factors which may adversely affect weakened by a disease state of workers ' health (see Occupational hazards).
The Commission, conducting preliminary examinations of the persons arriving for work-related exposure to occupational hazards, must be familiar With these hazards and to know the processes of production that are selected candidates.
During a physical examination is given conclusion not only on the health status of the patients, but also about the functional state of organs and systems, the functions of which in the implementation of the planned work may be exposed to occupational hazards.
Upon detection of abnormalities in the health status of the subject in deciding on the suitability of the candidate, the Commission must follow the official list of medical contra-indications to employment.
The company's administration has no right to take on work associated with the possible influence of harmful factors, individuals who do not have the conclusion of the medical Commission.
Unlike the professional selection, which are chosen people, able to work in a certain profession in this production, there is a so-called professional orientation in which the recommendations of professions that are most suitable to this person.

Professional selection (synonym: professional selection, professional orientation, vocational guidance) - choosing the labour profession in accordance with its suitability to it.
At the Barcelona international conference (1921) were approved two terms: the professional selection (selection) and vocational guidance, which is associated with two different approaches to the problem. When professional orientation of the source is a person of his individual physiological characteristics for which selected acceptable profession. In the professional selection of the source is a profession with its specific requirements, which are chosen people.
The number of persons in the USSR, for the first time, choosing a profession, increases every year. The main in the USSR is the principle of guidance. Implementation in combination with scientifically justified by various specialists in the future must not only provide identification in adolescents best physiological properties of the body, corresponding to the requirements of the profession, but also facilitate the discovery of talents.
Currently, science-based assistance in the choice of professions has become of great importance, as teenagers, even healthy, unable to master some professions. However, the critical role of gains and professional orientation, which includes public awareness, consultation (including medical) and research (identification of criteria of professional qualifications). Awareness should be back at school with the participation of engineers, doctors, psychologists and representatives of public organizations. When properly constructed work on professional orientation of teenagers before choosing the profession can get a full view not only of the significance of the profession for the state, but also about the requirements it to the human body.
Teenagers are quite healthy and adolescents, with some variations in health status, need the right choice of profession in the interests of the socialist state and the young person. The honey. workers for a long time
could not provide assistance in the choice of profession healthy adolescents and essentially served only persons with various deviations in health (representing 10% of all adolescents). What teen capable of, what its physiological features - these questions were not even asked. Teen only warned against professions, which can have a detrimental effect on his health.
This situation is explained by the absence of physiological criteria of professional suitability adolescents, designed to identify, what can this person. Currently identified physiological criteria of professional suitability for many professions. Doctors have been able to provide effective assistance in the choice of profession as a healthy and persons having deviations in health status.
As is known, professional suitability is determined according to the physiological properties of the body and the requirements of the profession. The lack of such compliance leads to professional unfitness. Underestimation of professional unfitness leads to a change professions, and persons having deviations in health status,and to the deterioration in the labor process. So, if you send teenager with hypertensive disease of the 1st stage, not having the above match, the Assembly of small parts, the result is long attempts to learn the disease may worsen; professionally suitable teenager with the same illness can occur even better. Therefore, medical consultation, which is the most important section of professional orientation, shall recommend such a profession, the requirements of which correspond to physiological possibilities of the organism and by evaluating the indications and contraindications.
Cm. also Medical examinations.