Professional reorientation and rehabilitation in pre-pension and pension age

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Teaching, learning and mastering the feasible profession will turn old age in active and socially useful life period. Professional adaptation to the new conditions of labor, his regime and acceptable load is one of the highlights of rehabilitation workers of pre-retirement and retirement age. Apparently, in the near future as in the Soviet Union and abroad will need to create for ageing workers network and centers of rehabilitation institutions, sponsored by health authorities, social security and public education, with a particular vocational orientation.
The main activity of the centers of rehabilitation should be aimed at preserving the health and disability. Such centers are expensive to create for large companies or industrial associations. These centres should have an office and to conduct scientific-methodical and organizational work on individual enterprises and institutions of the Association.
The centres must work of different specialists: psychologists work, doctors, teachers, psychologists, economists, representatives of social authorities, public organizations and other Centres should provide practical assistance in organization departments of rehabilitation, training and re-orientation to other companies with a significant number of persons of pre-retirement age, to develop recommendations on normalization of work, recreation, Wellness activities, and so on, to create programs for retraining and professional reorientation. The responsibilities of the centres include advice to doctors, health units and other medical institutions, treatment and medical examinations of persons older working age.
Doctors serving this segment of the population, must be convinced in the expediency of the rehabilitation process. They must know the work place of the patient, professional interests, professional and territorial interest, in permanent contact with the representative of an institution or enterprise. These representatives should inform about the need for rehabilitation measures at the enterprise or the granting of a work older work for another company.
Rehabilitation of people of pre-pension and pension ages is a new area of medicine. Geriatrics without rehabilitation meaningless. The solution of personal and social problems of health, way of life and multilateral environmental conditions can define further production orientation of the individual.
Timely and scientific-planned system of measures of rehabilitation, vocational guidance and possible reorientation under certain investments in the first stages of its organization will be effective in the near future. Of course, the economic effect will significantly exceed the cost of public funds needed for the implementation of rehabilitation measures.
Providing old-age pension, the possibility feasible labour is essential that contribute the most long retaining they optimal vitality and emotional state that is associated with the labour stereotype and stay in the labor collective, which contributes to the conservation of valuable staff with great professional and life experience.