Professional diseases associated with forced monotonous body position and voltage separate organs

This group of diseases related occupational diseases caused by long-term work of standing and sitting, the voltage at the individual muscle groups.
From occupational diseases caused by work standing, it should be noted flat feet. Most often flatfoot develops the movers due to the impact of gravity of the body and lifted cargo on the arch of the foot. Currently, due to mechanization of labor-consuming production processes this disease is less common.
Work standing, requiring considerable physical effort, can also cause an increase in intra-abdominal pressure and cause the development of hernias (inguinal, abdominal). Women may experience vaginal prolapse, changing the position of the uterus. In some professions (hairdressers, typographers, machinists) different curvature of the spine, varicose veins of lower limbs with the next trophic disorders.
The work done sitting, can also cause some frustration. First of all you should specify on the curvature of the spine due to uneven load on different muscle groups (seen in seamstresses, tailors). At work sitting marked impression of the chest (shoemakers). This change is more likely to occur in cases when the work is sitting begins before the end of the period of ossification of the skeleton. At long work sitting possible digestive disorders (colitis), chronic constipation, hemorrhoids. Due to congestion in small pelvis organs in women can be broken ovarian-menstrual cycle.
To prevent violations related to continuous work standing, it is necessary to carry out the mechanization of production, to replace the work of standing work sitting (as less harmful). For this purpose it is necessary to rationalize working furniture. An important event should be considered as the use of micropause and exercise.
Preventive measures include and exclusion from work associated with prolonged standing, individuals who at the preliminary medical examinations found looming enlargement of the veins.
At long work sitting preventive measures should go through the streamlining of work furniture. Good effect gives also exercise properly fitted, improving blood circulation and engage dormant muscle groups.
Some labour processes are accompanied by the electoral voltage separate muscle groups and organs, which sometimes leads to the development of professional coordinatory of neuroses. Coordinatore neurosis can have violinists, pianists, typists. The disease is in violation of customary professional movements. Coordinatore neurosis legs were observed cyclists.