Professor and students

Pirogov is often called a reformer medical education, and in this statement is no exaggeration. He was really talented, original and in this work.
"Observe nature, not with the eyes and ears of his teacher, but of their own" - that is cherished principle Pirogov-teacher. It appreciated already the first students of the Derpt University, met with ridicule young Russian professors, and then were wrong in the German language.
He taught them to be surgeons, be able to orientate in the wound. Students Pirogov were aloud to call those anatomical layers that are dissected in the process of operation.
Professor Pies demanded independence and encouraged the experiment, taught to question and test a question of experience. By the way, during his stay in Dorpat in the city remained stray cats and dogs, they were brought from surrounding places.
In 1841, Professor of Pirogov was invited to work in St. Petersburg. He was offered the chair of hospital surgery in the Metropolitan Medical Academy. He agreed, but on one condition. What condition were set by the teacher, the name and which works knew at the time the medical world? To create opportunities for students in operating and at the bedside. To do this, each medical school should have its special room, a clinic.
This clinic Professor received, but did not stop. Two years he spent on training and the promotion of project of the special anatomical Institute for experimental work of doctors and students. Enlisting the support of prominent doctors, he still made his point. The main argument of the opponents of Pirogov was reduced to that abroad, they say, is not practiced work of the whole Anatomical Institute and to have his or her us to anything.
For five years since the Anatomical Institute, where the Director was Pies, students and doctors performed two hundred operations on animals, manufactured to practice two thousand anatomical preparations. Annually there did two thousand autopsies. This experience really had no educational establishments of other countries.
Another thing is that the "temple of science" Institute was not even conditionally, so terrific Barack was not suitable for the research work. But its Director could not change anything.
"My iskrennee wish that my students treated me with criticism" - so begins the signature on the portrait given Pirogov Derpt students. And this is not just a beautiful phrase. In the history of medicine, perhaps, no other person who would have such courage spoke and wrote about their own faults, errors, are instructive for others, especially for beginners doctors.
Completed the first year of independent work Pies?, after which he released the report "Annals of surgery Department of the clinic Imperial Derpt University. In the very emergence of this composition was not unusual. Amazing was his purpose, to teach others not how to do, but how to do this. Pirogov examines the history of the disease, where he made the wrong diagnosis, course of operations that should be done differently. He said the cause of his mistakes: in one case, the confidence in the other - haste.
Once during the stay Pirogov in Berlin clinic of rust it happened to witness the occasion. The rust is not already operated. He took assistant Diffenbach and instructed the operating part of him. But once the rust has decided to take up the knife. On the table was a patient with a large strangulated hernia.
"I'll show you, " he said standing at a distance audience - as the old man rust operates. - With these words he boldly waved at grijelmo the bag.
Consequences recalls Pies, were terrible. The patient claimed, and about the case, as usual, more neither hearing nor the spirit. Neither in the medical literature, nor in the lecturing time is not considered a similar incident.
Pirogov bravely destroys these traditions and enters their Ivan Petrovich Pavlov called it the first Professor feat.
This unusual confession, of course, noticed. Students of Professor began to believe him twice, but the majority were perplexed. In the German magazines of that time appeared criticism, which, in the words of the Pirogov, "began to play"that was easy. After all, himself he "play without mercy".
"It is impossible not to think about it a powerful phenomenon happy combination of wisdom, talent, knowledge, passion and rapid love of truth and integrity," wrote about Pirogova the follower and the famous physician S. P. Botkin.