Activities for the prevention of fetal intrauterine asphyxia

1. After rupture of membranes to listen and suscitavit the fetal heart rate to a record in the history of childbirth every 15 Minutes, and when changes in the frequency and rhythm of heart sounds - 5-10 minutes
2. When you change in the rate, rhythm and clarity of heart sounds fruit A. P. Nikolaev recommends the following measures: a) appoint the new mother oxygen inhalation every 3-5 minutes for 2-3 minutes to persistent alignment of fetal heartbeat; b) simultaneously with the inhalation of oxygen is injected intravenously in 50 ml of 40% sterile solution of glucose, ascorbic acid (100-200 mg) and C) are subcutaneous injection cordiamine in the amount of 1 ml or intramuscular injection of 1 ml of 10% solution of cardiazol or koratala.
In the absence of these drugs injected subcutaneously to 1 ml of 10% solution of caffeine, and in the absence of glucose provide for the reception inside a large amount of sugar.
All these funds should be introduced to the lying again in 1-2 hours, regardless of the nature of the fetal heart. Usually after 2-3 min after the application of the above-mentioned funds heartbeat of the fetus is levelled and restored to its former rhythm and frequency.
If no effect, despite the use of these tools requires the repeated use, even after 10 minutes after the first.
If after two of these activities the heartbeat of the fetus is still not aligned, then immediately proceed to delivery. The choice of method of delivery will depend on the conditions and features available at the moment.
In the process of preparing the woman for the operation you want to continue a triad of Nikolayev. Breathing oxygen is carried out before the birth of the child.
In cases when, after the first or second use of these funds to the heartbeat of the fetus firmly aligned, give birth to their natural course, providing continuous control every 5-10 min for fetal heart rate (deaf, clear, sonorous, knocking), which should be noted in the records of the history of sorts.
In the absence of signs of fetal asphyxia and the presence of regular labor activity should not be delayed period exile fruit in nulliparous over 4 hours, and multiparous over 2 N. Particularly to prevent long standing head on the pelvic floor. When a protracted period of exile shown: perineostomy, episiotomy, the imposition of forceps.
3. In all cases, within 6-12 hours delivery end, it is recommended to appoint women to intake of vitamin K, as a means of preventing the occurrence of bleeding in women and bleeding in the brain at birth.
4. Childbirth in the pelvic presentation, specifically when removing the fetus for pelvic end and provide manual assistance, there should be pressure on the head through the outer abdominal wall to facilitate its removal, as this manipulation may cause bleeding in the brain of the fetus.
5. In the rapidly flowing labor activity should be regulated last, using the morphine or pantopon and other such tools (in the first period of labor), and in the 2nd stage of labour using an easy inhalation narcosis (ether).