Prevention embolism

Prevention of fat embolism is early full assistance in fractures with reliable immobilization after sucking the blood and fat from the hematoma cavity and immediately after this reduction.
Intravenous transfusion of blood or infusion other liquids - only in the drop way.
For intraosseous commit safer to apply globularia rods type Kundera.
The possibility of fat embolism decreases with the open technique of osteosynthesis, allowing recovery of bone marrow prior to the introduction of the rod. In severe fractures and after operations on the large bones - daily urine analysis on the loose fat.
Prevention of air embolism from the operations in the veins is in strict compliance with the rules: not to proceed with the manipulation of Vienna (the revision of the proposed place of damage, the allocation of arteriovenous aneurysm and others), until her makeshift open, and if possible a closed elastic pulp on her discharge end.