Prevention and employment in epilepsy

Adult epilepsy patients with more or less rare seizures and without mental disorders for the most part able to continue usual work especially with appropriate treatment. Usually patients are advised to avoid alcohol, Smoking, coffee and tea, excessive eating and drinking, hot baths, stuffy rooms, etc. Preferred dairy and vegetable food. Useful walks, long stay on the air, hydrotherapy, moderate exercise (to avoid the moment hyperventilation and work on the devices), the work on the air. The Council epilepsy patients to temporarily stop working, for example primarily associated with mental strain, for the most part is unreasonable. Of course, the patient with epilepsy should refrain from a number of professions, dangerous to the patient (at the time of the seizure), and for others (cars, trams, trains, maintenance of hoisting machines, roofers, builders at heights, working near moving parts of machines without special barriers at high temperature in the workplace, there are some activities on transport and so on). The patient should avoid and some kinds of sports: swimming, mountain climbing, horse riding and Biking; children cannot be climbing trees, etc. examination of patients with epilepsy is also an important point in the timely psychoneurological help. Most patients might be organized to employ in their normal production conditions. It is clear that, with frequent seizures with personality disorders range of professions have significantly narrowing.
For the prevention of epilepsy need proper organization of obstetrics, struggle with children's infections. It is crucial proper upbringing of children suffering from epilepsy. School-age children, people with epilepsy, should learn. A number of characteristic features of the patient with epilepsy child can be significantly mitigated according to exposure from family, teachers and the school community. Psychotherapeutic work must be done and with the sick person and his relatives.