Prevention of parasitic diseases

In section describes the most common parasitic diseases occurring in our country. The main attention is paid to measures for their prevention that can be implemented both in urban and in rural areas. Advice on treatment of diagnosed patients with parasitic diseases aim at rehabilitation of the infected and prevent the spread of worms.
Intended for a wide circle of readers.

Every year in our country helminthic diseases (helminthiasis) is becoming less and less.
This is the result of improved living conditions, which are conducive to the efforts of medical workers. But helminthiasis and now are the most widespread diseases. Most often, as a rule, worms infected children. This has a negative impact on their health, delays in mental and physical development of children reduces their resistance to other diseases.
Considerable damage bring worms agriculture, parasitizing in animals, birds and plants.
In order to achieve a significant reduction in morbidity and outline the elimination of helminthiasis, need to work in two main areas: 1) prevention of disease, or protection of a person from getting infected, and 2) timely treatment of all detected infected persons, which is the task of the medical profession.
Prevention of diseases is almost entirely dependent on the health literacy, culture and preventive activity of the population. Prevention without special work can be successfully implemented by all residents of cities and rural areas.
In the fight against helminthes prevention measures can be implemented very widely and with greater efficiency. They often do not require any material costs and available to everyone. One who knows how to protect themselves from one or the other helminthic diseases, if desired, will always be able to warn him. This is easier than to identify infected, and then treat them helminthic diseases and complications caused by them. If to consider, that cured of helminths may re-infect many times, the necessity of prevention of parasitic infection becomes apparent.
It is known that a healthy person above vitality, better productivity. He lives a full and interesting life, which is highly beneficial to both society and to him. Therefore, every affliction is our enemy, and no one should leave without attention malaise, any manifestation of disease, even the most insignificant. With helminthic diseases cannot be condoned, even in cases when they do not cause any noticeable harmful manifestations.
Helminthes, or worms, can be attributed to the parasites, which, penetrating into the human body and eating his juices, often cause diseases that are recognized immediately. These diseases are called parasitic infection, often present case that the person is either totally misses the destructive activities of worms in his body, or does not pay much attention to small malaise, headache, nausea and other symptoms of worms. Sometimes adults attentively apply to different manifestations of the disease in children, deviations from normal behavior and intellectual development that, as a rule, is the result of a disease, including worms.
Some types of worms, though relatively rare, cause very severe disease. But we should not forget that in some cases severe observed in widespread parasitic diseases, as will be discussed below.
Remember the following points.
Worms cause the body to great harm, even when the disease is outwardly apparent.
Any worm disease proceeding as if positive, can cause complications, sometimes very severe, even fatal.
Infected with worms is often a source of infection to others, and very often members of your own family.