Prevention of gonorrhea adults

As mentioned above, in the struggle with gonorrhea are particularly important preventive measures.
A considerable role for prevention plays the health of the marriage, since the beginning of sexual life and, consequently, the possibility of infection with gonorrhea can precede the marriage of one of the spouses.
Under the Soviet law, to protect the marriage from infection, when marriage registration to the registry office proposed to require a subscription that marrying known to the state of health of each other. Simultaneously to the criminal code a new article 155, according to which a person who is in danger of Contracting a sexually transmitted disease other person is exposed to the harsh justice. In order to these requirements were really consciously needed good health education to properly inform the population about the ways of implementation of this infection with a focus on sexual infection.
The way prevents the spread of this grave and fraught with consequences of the disease. In addition, if a woman is not sure that the man with whom she had intercourse, really well, she should immediately take appropriate measures to prevent the possibility of infection.
However, no funds will certainly guarantee from infection, but some (such as the use of the male condom, disinfecting syringes immediately after intercourse) can largely preventable disease.
Known value in the prevention of infection with gonorrhea are functioning in several cities paragraphs protivoanemicescoe assistance, where specially trained staff round the clock provides assistance for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases for special instructions.
Recently, with the preventive purpose recommend the use of sulfa drugs, in particular sulfanol in the amount of 6 g according to the following scheme: first reception 2,0 immediately after sexual intercourse, during which could be infected, the second and third methods - 1.5, fourth reception - 1,0 with a three-hour intervals between meals. For persons who resort to the method of personal prophylaxis, installed subsequent medical supervision.
The fight against the spread of sexually transmitted diseases we are venereal dispensaries, centers, offices, organized in cities and rural areas, which are responsible not only treatment seeking help for the sick, but mainly the prevention of venereal diseases by identifying patients with gonorrhea, involving them to compulsory treatment.
If the clinic is unable to identify the source of infection of a person, he is in force submitted to the health authorities of the rights causes of persons suspicious disease gonorrhoea, for forced examination and treatment.
As a rule, the center will examine husbands patients with gonorrhea women; in case of gonorrhoea among children obligatory testing are parents.
A great place to work and venereal dispensary is health education, whose goal is to educate our legislative measures to combat sexually transmitted diseases, infection, familiarization with the first signs of infection.
The role of nurses in health education of the population, especially in rural work, great. In the village this work should be conducted in contact with venereal paragraph district, which directs the work to combat sexually transmitted diseases.