Prevention of wrong provisions of the uterus

Prevention of irregular position of the uterus should be to eliminate the etiological moments that cause these diseases. So, for example, wrong position of the uterus can develop in childhood, if not observe the child and allow delayed emptying of the bladder and intestines, which affects the deviation of the uterus backwards.
In addition, it is important to pay attention to the parents of harmfulness increase intra-abdominal pressure by physical overload. If our legislation strictly regulates the labour adults and adolescents in particular, in the conditions of family life are even sometimes cases when girls 8-9 years trusts "nancena" and pulling at the hands of their one-year-old brothers and sisters. All this may have an impact on the overall development of girls and on the position of her internal organs and uterus in particular.
In the following period, which can develop diseases caused by incorrect position of the uterus, is the period of the marriage. Spontaneous and induced abortions, with consequent inflammatory diseases of the uterus and incorrect and insufficient its involution, incorrectly held postpartum period with concomitant complications - all these factors can contribute to the development of irregular position of the uterus. In the postpartum period the woman should not afford a strong stress abdominals, no need to get up early to bed (not earlier than the third day - to re-and fourth - fifth day - to nulliparous), should also not do heavy physical work during maternity leave after childbirth.
It is necessary to monitor the activities of the intestine and in good involution of the uterus, as bad shrinking uterus, especially when prolonged lying postpartum women and adolescent girls on the back, can be retroflexion-versii that can lead, as we have said, to the loss of the uterus.
An important role in the wrong position of the uterus, the omission of it and the walls of the vagina plays a violation of the integrity of the pelvic floor. In the prevention of these conditions is very important is qualified obstetric care, proper management of labour, rational protection of the perineum from tears. If the gap has occurred, it is necessary that the entire crotch was immediately restored. Finally, not without influence on the position of the uterus, its omission and the loss, remains the long strain of the abdominals in physically unprepared violence.
Physical education, which in the Soviet Union paid so much attention, belongs exclusively to a large role in the prevention of irregular provisions of the uterus. Largely due to physical culture creates a healthy, well physically developed, fully functionally the body, with good resistance to any harmful influences.