Trade Union of medical workers

Trade Union of medical workers of mass voluntary public non-partisan organization that unites workers and employees of institutions, medical schools, enterprises of the ministries of health of the USSR, the Ministry of medical industry of the USSR, the Central Council on management of the resorts of trade unions, Union of red cross and red Crescent societies of the USSR, students of medical educational institutions. The trade Union of medical workers has a Memorandum of Association. The health workers Union organized in 1905
In 1919, feldshers, nurses and pharmacists have United in a Union "Semidecomandat" (1924 - "medsantrud"), 1949, the Union was called the trade Union of medical workers.
Currently, the trade Union of medical workers is a single organization. The Union actively participates in the production activity of health care institutions and enterprises, organizes and directs the socialist competition movement and the Communist labour, takes care about improvement of the political and industrial activity of the employees, educating them in the spirit of Soviet patriotism.
Trade Union member has the right to be elected in trade Union bodies, to make suggestions in the trade Union and business organizations in order to improve their work, material, domestic and cultural services, to seek protection of their rights. Trade Union member is obliged to pay monthly membership fees, strictly observe the state and labour discipline, to systematically enhance its cultural and political level, to acquire knowledge and technique of their business and advanced methods of work, to fight for the further economic growth of national health care for the improvement of quality and culture of health services. Union members are receiving benefits from the funds of the state social insurance increased in relation to non-Union members. Free or low cost are provided with vouchers to sanatoria and rest homes, vouchers to children's summer camps and pre-school institutions.
The health workers Union is built on the principles of democratic centralism. All trade Union bodies from top to bottom are elected by Union members, and before them accountable. Decisions of the trade Union organizations shall be taken by a majority vote of the members of the Union. The basis of the trade Union are the primary organization consisting of members working in the same institution, enterprise or institution. The Supreme body of the primary trade Union organization is the General meeting of trade Union members. For carrying out the daily work of the primary trade Union organization that is at least 15 members elected by the local Committee, the trade Union Committee and the audit Committee, and where there is less than 15 members, elected by the trade Union organizer. In institutions and enterprises in the presence of structural units by decision of the local Committee shall be elected to trade Union office and factory committees. Profbyuro ensure the implementation of the decisions of the local Committee and the higher trade Union bodies, hold trade Union meetings and production meetings. In the Republic, territory, region, city, district conferences of the Union shall be elected by relevant committees of the Union.
The highest body of the health workers Union is the Congress, which meets once in two years. Congress hears reports on the activities of the Central Committee of the trade Union and the audit Committee determines the next industry-wide tasks, approves the Statute of the trade Union, shall hear the reports of the economic bodies about the prospects of a developed health care and the implementation of state plans, the quality and culture of medical preventive maintenance of the population, introduction of new working methods and achievements of medical science; considers and solves issues of working conditions, culture and household of health workers; elects the Central Committee of the trade Union and the audit Commission. In the period between congresses, plenums of the Central Committee of the trade Union shall be convened not less than once in six months. To guide the daily work of the trade Union Central Committee shall elect a Presidium. The Central Committee of the trade Union conducts its work, based on trade Union activists, bringing him to work in commissions.
The Central Committee of the trade Union directs the activities of trade Union organizations to use all reserves and possibilities for further improvement of quality and culture of health and medical services to the population, development of medical services, improving the training and appropriate use of medical personnel, organizes and conducts the socialist competition at the industrial enterprises and construction sites. For preparation and training senior trade Union of workers of the Central Committee of trade Union organized a seminar attended by the employees of the Central Committee of the trade Union, the Ministry of health of the USSR, professors and teachers of health, including research, institutes.
Improving the skills of the trade Union of workers on speciality is conducted in the institutes and faculties for advanced training of physicians, in large hospitals and medical schools.
The health workers Union is doing a lot to strengthen international ties with sister trade unions and organizations of health workers in foreign countries. Currently, such relations are held with the trade unions of health workers in more than 30 countries, progressive medical associations and medical associations of many countries.