The loss of the placenta (prolapsus placentae)

The loss of the placenta is called the birth prematurely separated placenta before the fetus or simultaneously with it. Untimely born before the fetus can not only predlagaemaya, but normally located placenta.
It is a rare complication arises if the lower segment of the uterus is not filled predlagay part (lateral position of the fetus, high standing predlagay part, significant proportions of the uterus when hydramnion, the twins, and so on); if the twins loss placenta happens after the birth of the first fruit. The loss of the placenta is also observed in the uterine rupture when the fetus is partially released into the abdominal cavity, and detached placenta falls to the lower part of the uterus and vagina.
The loss of the placenta into the vagina or out before birth the fetus is both urgent and preterm births.
Placenta falls typically, after a ruptured membranes. In exceptional cases before ruptured membranes occurs rotation of all fertilized eggs, resulting in the placenta is in the lower segment of the uterus (gg Gender). The deposition process is usually accompanied by bleeding.
Diagnosis is not difficult in cases where the placenta comes out of the generic ways before the fetus and excluded when the placenta previa; often, however, the loss of the placenta is mixed with her presentation.
The prediction for the mother of the serious, but more favourable than at the detachment of the placenta, because loss of the placenta is usually observed at the end of the delivery, when there are conditions for fast delivery.
Children are born in a state of deep asphyxia, the struggle with which it is often unsuccessful.
Treatment is basically a quick emptying of the uterus.