Washing ear

Washing ear - procedure for removal from the ear earwax or a foreign body. Before washing it is necessary to know whether this was in the past sickness from the ear. If you answer no, washing ear produce boiled water temperature of 36 - 37 C; while positive for washing ear apply disinfectant liquid (diluted alcohol, solution, penicillin and so forth).

washing ear
Washing of the external ear (top left is a diagram of a liquid).

To remove earwax or foreign bodies apply Janet's syringe capacity 100-150 ml. Doctor and patient sitting. Assistant commits the head of the patient. At the end of the syringe wear rubber tube length 2 see the Doctor takes a syringe in his right hand and the left hand grasps the ear upwards and outwards. Jet is directed not directly on sulphur tube (see), and along one of the walls of the ear canal. The force of the jet should be neither too weak (when plug is not washed away), nor excessive (can cause rupture of the tympanic membrane). Reverse current sulfur jets tube is removed. Stemming the wash liquid is collected in the kidney-shaped tray that assistant or the patient himself clings to the side of the neck and face at the level of the ear lobe (Fig)
After washing your ear when using the otoscopy convinced in the positive result of manipulation and the cotton wool moistened with alcohol, wipe the ear canal.