Propain (Propaminum; list B) - radioprotector. Propain close to Mercatino (see)has the same indications and contraindications. Method of application, dosage and method of production is the same as Mercatino. In some cases, propain more effective than Merklin. Cm. also Radioprotectors.

Propain (Propaminum; list B) - radioprotective agent; hydrochloride b-mercaptopropionyl. Propain used for the prevention and withdrawal symptoms of radiation sickness arising from x - ray and criteria. The mechanism of action Protamine relates to the ability to reduce the number of radicals, ionized and excited molecules, formed in the tissues under irradiation, and cause local tissue hypoxia.
Propain enter intravenous (slowly at the horizontal position of the patient) in the amount of 1-2 ml of 10% solution in 10 - 30 minutes before the first exposure. Re-introduction - 5-7 days. The total number of injections 5-7. Propain contraindicated when expressed human liver and kidneys. Solutions P. easily oxidized trace amounts of metal in the air. Therefore, the drug is administered immediately after opening screen, using syringes with glass piston. The release form: ampoules per 2 ml of 10% solution. Keep in the dark. Cm. also Antiradiation protection (chemicals).