Cysts prostate

Congenital cysts prostate are rare and found usually in middle age. They are often combined with uretralnyj anomalies, as arise in the process of embryogenesis. Congenital cysts should be differentiated from the acquisition of appearing at a later age and the result of the inflammatory process or former injury (retention cysts). In most cases, cysts prostate observed at a young age, are of small size, are located under the mucous membrane and disappear after indonesiennes electrocautery. Sometimes there cysts and large sizes (up to 2-3 cm)requiring surgical intervention (printing. Fig. 2).
The symptoms are more frequent urination and premature painful ejaculation and vary depending on the degree of compression of the urethra cystic enlarged prostate and the availability of secondary infection. For large cysts or cysts, located directly on the internal openings of the urethra, there are symptoms difficulty emptying the bladder or urinary retention.
The diagnosis is based on cystourethroscopy and lacunar cystography (see bladder, x-ray examination).
Treatment - transurethral or perineal removal of cysts. For large cysts may become necessary to Rasputina their removal.